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  • jules

    no rest for the wicked!

    • Straight back into it Jules! Wouldn’t want to have nothing new for you to comment on! ;)

  • rob

    Re: the Iljo Keisse banner photo (beautiful!) – read this article about his cycling journey:

    Then watch his amazing solo win in 2012 Tour of Turkey (Stage 7) – if your not cheering in your seat, hang up your wheels. Carlton Kirby commentary is a must.

  • Nitro

    Retirement video – stunning…. So much more interesting than the standard cut-and-paste press release we get from everyone else… Job well done…

    And a fantastic advertisement for tourism Norway too…

  • ceedee

    After reading that Inrng article, I may need to take tramadol and have a lie down.

  • Duncan Farrow

    Isn’t that the wrong stock photo for a story on doping? Where’s the lass with the clipboard?

    • Dave

      I do believe that they may well have added a fourth file photo to the rotation.


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