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August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017
  • Sean

    Looks like an ace road in that feature photo!

    • ZigaK

      It’s an old military road from ww1. It goes from Bovec (500 m above sea level) to Mangart (2000 m.a.s.l.). It’s a dead end road so there’s little traffic. The gradient is pretty steady, except for the part where a recent landslide took out part of the old road and it was rebuilt with the gradients reaching 20%. One of the best climbing roads in Slovenia.

  • CapeHorn

    Just remember Mr Roche, in Australia, if it moves, it can eat you :D

    • Arfy

      Yep, especially the “wildlife” on the streets of the Gold Coast!

      • Nitro

        I’ll be on the Gold Coast tomorrow – any recent reported sightings of Drop Bears ?

  • Staggas

    First of all, I love your work CT – BUT – why the hell is the caption to the main picture at the bottom of the page and not nicely underneath? It happens every day, look at an amazing shot, then have to scroll down to check what and where it is, then scroll back up to start reading the news.
    Anyway, if that’s all I have to complain about then good on you.

    • Good question. The way our page template is set up at the moment we don’t have the ability to have a caption on the feature image. But because people always want to know where the photos are taken so it’s worth having the info somewhere. Thanks for the feedback though – when we’re looking at the next iteration of our page design we’ll definitely keep it in mind.

    • Dave

      An insidious plan to make you read all the way to the bottom, of course ;-)

  • Nitro

    I’ve always been fascinated by the dual-leader approach that BMC may potentially be looking at…

    Upside – there’s a Plan (B) if Plan (A) doesn’t work out for one of a thousand reasons

    Downside – there’s a chance that the overall team performance is lower as a result of not committing to Plan (A)

    In reality, it always seems to play out as either it works and everyone says “We knew that was genius”, or it doesn’t and everyone says “Duh – could have told you that was never going to fly…”

    • Michele

      Good point Nitro.

      I’m not 100% sure Porte and Tejay will work together. I guess, as Evans suggests, time will. However, I would also take his comments with a grain of salt.

      Evans definitely struggled with the presence of Jurgen Van den Broeck as a team mate in 2010, even though initially he did start as the designated leader.

      I also don’t think Tejay and he got on so well.

      So maybe Porte and Tejay will work. It probably all comes down to personalities.

      Which gets me thinking … how much, if any, [if its even required], personality profiling does a team do before recruiting a rider?

      • velocite

        I know nothing, but.. I reckon if you were designing a team to win a grand tour and you had two potential winners you might say great, ideal. With just the one protected rider there’s a real chance that your plan will be undone in an instant by a crash, or undone more insidiously by an illness of some kind, like TvG in the Tour, or maybe your protected rider just had one terrible day. Even though you go into the race with two protected riders, maybe there would be a predetermined point at which one of the two showed up as having the best chance. The issue is, does reducing the number of support riders by one up until that point so sap their strength that in the final week (say) they are too weak? I wouldn’t have thought so, but then it surprises me how significant teams appear to think is the idea of reducing team size from 9 to 8.

        • Nitro

          Have to be honest, I don’t understand the furore about the reducing teams from 9 to 8…
          If they do this, every team’s going to be facing exactly the same challenges, so doesn’t it all sort of even itself out…

          • Dave


            The best GC rider will still win the GC, because the team can only do so much to cover for a rider who doesn’t deserve it.

            It could present an advantage for the breakaway specialists, with less firepower to chase them down on flat stages.

            The team it will hit the hardest will be Orica, with their approach of targeting a wide variety of little goals in the same major tour.

      • Dave

        One thing is for sure – Tejay will be taking on Melissa Hoskins for the title of #1 Rohan Dennis fan for the month of January. Losing the TDU to the hometown hero would be a rather bad way to get his campaign for TdF leadership underway.

        On the other hand, Richie will no doubt be hoping that Tejay and Mel will settle that disagreement with an arm wrestle.

        More realistically, I expect BMC to go with a variant of the 2013 Sky plan – use Richie as the leader for the Giro and a domestique for the Tour de France.

    • Karl

      Glad you spelled it that way. I’ve seen it elsewhere as “duel-leader” :-)

  • Stompin

    One thing is for certain, Van Garderen and Porte will be highly motivated :)

    • velocite

      Agreed, but maybe the motivation of a protected rider in the Tour is already screwed up to the max!

    • _kw

      Both will have no chance against Nico Roche next year since he woke up after the spider bite and noticed he didn’t need his glasses anymore and that was just the start of it…


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August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017