No mention of #Ginn24?

    It’s only the biggest story in world cycling today.

    • jules

      he is gonna have one sore arse, spending 24 hrs riding on the Brunswick velodrome with its concrete panels. good luck to him though..!

    • We’re definitely across it. And we’ll certainly mention it on Monday if he manages to break the record!

      For those that are interested: former Olympic rower Drew Ginn’s attempting the 24-hour outdoor track record at Brunswick Velodrome in Melbourne, starting at 2pm today: http://www.sbs.com.au/cyclingcentral/article/2015/11/26/rowing-champion-ginn-set-24-hour-cycling-record

      The record is 890km – an average speed of 37km/h!

      • Guest

        Of all the Velodromes in Melbourne he chose the worst. He sure does love a challenge. Hope he succeeds

        • jules

          it’s not the worst. it’s faster than Hawthorn velodrome which is quite bumpy despite being a bitumen surface, the Coburg one will give you car sickness as it’s more like a wall of death, the Preston one has minimal banking so you have to always be focusing on your line and cornering. I assume DISC wasn’t available..

          • AMK

            Might need to be outdoors as well.

        • Simon

          And in the most fickle season of all in Melbourne, Spring, with it’s radical temp changes and wind from all directions. Why not in the calmer conditions of March /April?

      • AMK

        I’d have thought just having a crack at something like this would be worthy of a mention TBH.

  • Arfy

    Great photo of Gaviria rolling Cav, will be interesting to see how Etixx-Quickstep play the sprints next year against Cav’s hand-picked leadout team.
    But the cycling-related highlight yesterday surely had to be at the ARIA awards, when Tina Arena became overcome by emotion as Cadel appeared on stage to present her with her Hall of Fame award. Cadel’s usual quiet personna led to an awkward silence, but this was overshadowed by the emotion Tina showed at being presented the award by Cadel.

  • Kieran Degan

    Gee, you were right about the product placement in the McAskill clip. I’d love to see Red Bull or GoPro sponsor a road cycling team, or even get on board with the broadcast somehow. They are some of the best content producers going round.

    • Turbo

      They partnered with ASO to launch the Session last year at Le Tour didn’t they?

    • Dave

      It would be interesting to see how they could go in road cycling, given the last remotely disruptive move made in the sport was the Call Me Maybe video three and a half years ago.

      I think selective event sponsorship (how about a descender’s prize to complement the climber’s prize?) and individual athlete endorsements (obviously those who offer ‘something else’ other than just results) would be more the way that Red Bull would look at getting involved than traditional team sponsorship – they already sponsor certain team sport athletes (like Ellyse Perry, Australia’s #1 female athlete in marketing terms) who don’t get to wear Red Bull branded gear when they play. However, it won’t be likely so long as road cycling remains the equivalent of the Sheffield Shield in the cycling world – important but also not where the energy is.

  • thomasrdotorg

    “…the Tour of Britain… Until he got the problem with his knee he was riding on the front, pulling the bunch for 150 kilometres.”

    we must have differing views on what sprinters do…?

    • jules

      “we’re working on his race craft and when we get that sorted, watch out!”

      • thomasrdotorg

        Hmmm learning racecraft at the ToB? Maybe some local kermesses and crits? Still if the guy is a sprinter who can run up front when required, pretty handy.

        • jules

          I made that quote up btw :)

        • Dave

          How many local crits offer the chance to pull down Cav’s pants in a sprint, as Gaviria has done on four occasions this year?


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