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  • jules

    if that left lane was for bicycles and mopeds going in both directions, then what was he doing riding that fast? saying you’re allowed to be there may be missing the point. having said that, violence is rarely the answer.

    • Neil

      I feel like it’s groundhog day when it comes to traffic incident videos. Same discussion each time.

      • jules

        you love it

    • winkybiker

      Agree, guy on the moped was going way too fast. But the reaction is unacceptable, too.

  • Andy Logan

    Isn’t Gazprom owned by Markarov anyway?

    • Dave

      No. Gazprom is majority owned by the Russian government.

      It is the ITERA group that he owns a large stake and is the chairman.

      Using the ITERA name for one of his five cycling teams is roughly equivalent to the hypothetical situation of Gerry Ryan putting one of his own companies like Jayco in the second slot instead of Greenedge. He won’t do that though, because Greenedge is a ‘Your Company Name Could Go Here’ placeholder and he’s still hoping there’s another company out there with a low enough level of dignity that they wouldn’t mind their name being associated with Orica.

  • velocite

    Love that Sagan answer. He definitely wants it all!

    • Nitro

      Love the attitude of the guy

      • Sam Young

        Also his hairstyle. Only the world champ

  • a different ben

    Matt clearly thinks he has a mostly straight male audience (re the Sagan video).

  • err


    • More tomorrow, but in the meantime … https://www.strava.com/activities/440569989

      • jules

        that’s just amazing. all respect to Drew for a stunning ride, but I can’t understand the strategy that saw him doing 46(!) km/h laps.

    • MadBlack

      Didn’t break the record!

      • jules

        that’s not the story

      • Jessy Vee

        He broke the Australian record which has been held for a number of decades. That’s amazing in itself.


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