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  • Anon N + 1

    I hope you have fully recovered from that liver condition. Such things have a nasty habit of dragging on and on.

  • Deborah d’Avigdor

    hey Bec, we met at a Test the Best about three years ago at the TDU, you were very kind and chatted bikes and it was such fun to meet you! all the best on this epic journey, life takes twists and turns along the way and its great you’ve come up with a bold and grand plan, all the best, i shall look forward to hearing about it on the way. cheers Deborah

    • Bec Werner

      Hi Deborah. I remember chatting with you at the TDU. Thanks for the well wishes. I hope you’re still enjoying the bike!

      • Deborah d’Avigdor

        Yup it’s ALL about the bike, just drove 800+kms to do Lake Mountain and back in a long weekend, crazy but all about the bike! ???

  • Annie.

    That sounds great and challenging. It’s always more than a trip when digging into family history. Probably even more so on the bike. Who of your parents is German, who is British? Do you speak both languages? (Yes, I am a tiny bit curious, to be honest).

    Have a safe trip (and, please, tell us all about it)!

    • Bec Werner

      Hey Annie
      I’m 6th generation Aussie, so apart from a little German in school, no language got passed down.
      Dad’s ancestors are all German, while mum’s are half German and English.

  • Sydney Brown

    Sounds exciting. I do hope you’ll be sharing your adventures here on CyclingTips.

  • eanewell

    You made for some of my best memories racing, during your two summers in California. As always, your writing and storytelling is phenomenal — really look forward to reading about your trip. All the best to you! -Beth

    • Bec Werner

      As you did for me Beth!
      Hope life and riding are going well for you.

  • Thomas

    Werndog! Have missed you. Hope the trip is everything you hope it will be!


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