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  • Sean parker

    This is one country that needs a ‘roadtripping ‘ article

    • Anne-Marije Rook

      Working on a little one from my trip :-)

      • Sean parker

        Thanks Anne-Marije; I look forward to it.

  • lowercasev

    Righto – this is going in the diary for next year!

  • hurricane_josh

    raises an interesting question: is it ethical to have a male pace a female to a win in a mixed-start race, even one like this where draft is not as much a factor as the gradient?

    • winkybiker

      I think it is an interesting question. I don’t really have an issue with it from an ethical perspective. It’s just a bike race. The women’s race becomes a somewhat different challenge to the men’s, but still a race. The Warrny is like this. The women’s winner and finishers there earned their results for sure, but would have had a very different ride if the women’s event was started separately. I think where it gets tricky is if a woman were to deliberately organise a team of male support riders who preferentially worked for her as domestiques. You see this a little bit in Fondos where clubs can tend to ride together and the work for each other like a quasi mixed team. At the end of the day, none of this matters in any real sense (and would matter even less if there was zero prizemoney for anyone – but I’ve commented on that eleswhere).

      • Marie Brown


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  • Lee Rodgers

    I’m the Comms Director for the race and am responsible for looking after the foreign participants, feel free to email me if anyone is interested in coming, entry however won’t be open until spring 2016. About the pacing, it’s a mass-start event and all ride together best they can, and although Marg Fedyna’s group was not fast enough to catch the eventual winner, that group also included men. Perhaps it’s not to the spirit of the law but there are no actual rules in place against it. It might be something we will consider. And thank you Anne-Marije for the articles!

    • Ian Brown

      Good morning Lee, interesting KOM. Could you supply more details I would be interested in participating?
      Best regards,#

      Ian Brown (male / based in UK)

    • Marg Fedyna

      Just a note, I did not have a “group”. Once the main peloton blew apart, I rode my pace and managed to catch up to individual riders ahead. Small groups formed along the way which also had the eventual 3rd place woman in it. I continued to leave a group at my pace and managed to catch up to other individual riders on the next climb sections. I rode with many riders for a short period of time. That’s just how it is on a rolling climb portion of the course. Not one rider in these groups was as consistent a rider in pace as Kyosuke Takei who could likely challenge the top men if he ever chose to. My preference is to see women race individually within a men’s field, not with a domestique. It is what it is, and the domestique thing has been seen in many races I’ve been in over the years.


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