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  • Paul Rosi

    Well done Iffy!

  • jakub

    Froome’s weight was about 70kg back in the days (according to his autobiograhpy), so he lost about 3-4kg, not 10 ;)

    • Not sure how many kg’s the camera added here, but he’s sure thinned out!

    • Not sure how many kg’s the camera added here, but he’s certainly thinned out over the years

      • Mark Wells

        Just a tad

  • Nitro

    Good result to get Froomey racing in Victoria…. Certainly has me planning a ride down to Arthurs seat to see how that hill should be ridden…

    • Robert Merkel

      As fast as you can. Which for most of us is pretty slow, it’s short but quite steep.

      For those interested, Matt wrote an excellent description of the Arthur’s Seat climb on his own site. Short version – hard for the first couple of km but gradually levels off at the end, finish is false flat.

      Similar length to Old Willunga Hill, a fraction steeper, favours a similar kind of rider.

    • Chris

      Just don’t take notes on his riding style. It’s a great example of how a spider would ride a bicycle and shows that you can have the most shite position on the bike and still thrash everyone. Him and Adam Hansen do my head in!

  • BhSimon

    Great news. We just need to add another sponsor to the race title, it’s way too sexy as it stands.

  • Robert Merkel

    The route outline is now released

    The prologue and the Arthur’s Seat finale are the same as recent years, but the intermediate stages are out in the Yarra Valley and Gippsland rather than out north and west. Good move given the rest of the Vic cycling calendar.

    Shame they don’t stay on the Baw Baw Tourist Road after Vespers though…

    • jules

      if we have to suffer through that, so should the pros!

    • De Mac

      They were never going to, as that would mean a mountain-top finish on BawBaw, or an end to the stage somewhere along that road with not a lot of room to manoeuvre – not what the organisers would be looking for with HS tour….

      • Robert Merkel

        I know, but it’s fun to imagine a proper mountain stage in an Aussie pro race again even if it ain’t going to happen with the present scheduling.

    • Strydz

      At least they are using some Yarra Valley climbs this year as the race was overdue for a proper visit out that way, which way are they going on the Toolangi Loop, Chum Creek Rd then down Myers or Myers then down Chum Creek? Myers first would break it up way more than going up Chum. Pity they didn’t use Don Rd to get into Healesville, nothing wrong with a little gravel :)


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