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  • DSC

    I didn’t do Peaks Challenge Gold Coast, but did Cradle Mountain after having done the first Falls Creek, in miserable conditions in 2010, and again this year. The difficulty with Cradle Mountain, is truly as noted in the above story. The technical descents in poor weather, with fog down to 25m visibility at times is not much fun when trying to keep your speed under 50kph on full brakes… And the amount of time spent riding alone, whilst amazing in that wonderful environment, all told for an exhausting, but very rewarding day in the saddle. But the real difficulty arises, in my mind at least, is the relentless up and down of the course; barely a flat road after the first 30km. I’m now wishing I had done Gold Coast, so I could make my own comparisons between the three parcours… But any assessment of the course, can never really be made given the differing weather conditions. Kudos to Bicycle Network. Can’t say I won’t be back again…


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May 29, 2017
May 28, 2017
May 27, 2017
May 26, 2017