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  • anyoldbike

    Thanks Verita

    I’ve had to do this a few times at the end of a cycle tour. Feels a bit odd getting into the shower with your bike … the first time, anyway.

    Great tip on resting the bike on the wheel chock. I can use that from time to time in the garage at home.

    • lowercasev

      Glad you enjoyed it and can relate!

  • roklando

    I only discovered this when I had kids: when in a hurry use baby wipes! they clean EVERYTHING, the toughest muck is no match…one will clean almost the entire bike. I buy cheap bulk ones. Having said this I should really wash my bike more often….I have no excuses.

    • roklando

      even the cheap ones should be biodegradable though :)

    • Jason de Puit

      Yep – my roadie very rarely goes anywhere near a hose or a sponge. Baby wipes for the lot. 1-2 for the entire frame then a couple more (+ some degreaser) for the drive train. Very little mess and very suitable to do indoors.

      Mind you, I would advocate getting a workstand and a chain-keeper to make the drive train cleaning much simpler.

      One final baby wipe will clean up your hands afterwards :)

  • JamesMurray(BOOGLE?)

    water in your frame/ sti’s/ derailleur etc is the last thing you want for your Road Bike, think i’ll stick with my Microfiber cloths and Pledge

    • Anon N + 1

      I guess you never ride in the rain or through standing water.

      • JamesMurray(BOOGLE?)

        no i wd40 the vital parts and wipe bike down and relube if i get caught out in the rain

  • Anon N + 1

    I fill a bucket with soapy water, go down stairs and wash the bike in the street, similar to the way some of my neighbours wash their cars.

  • Katie Quinn

    I’ve had to move away from the shower after unknowingly leaving it in a miserable state. My bike wash now happens on the balcony with the watering can. Works a treat!

  • mybikesareverynice

    Can you do this with Di2??? I’m really scared of the idea of putting it in the shower!

  • Sunil Kumar J

    I use old shoe lace to clean the space between the sprockets and it cleans those areas quiet effectively.

  • Karl Melrose

    This is gold, I thought I was the only one washing my bike in the shower! I was living in Melbourne for half of last year and had an absurdly large balcony so I converted to balcony washing with the weed sprayer – there’s less setup time and less cleanup time afterward and also less chance of smashing a shower screen. I found that bunnings sell 4L bottles of citrus degreaser for about $20 (about 1/10th the price that bike shops sell it for) – that’s been my go to recently for the first wash. Going to try the Mr Sheen!

  • I’ll confess (don’t tell my wife!) to doing this a time or two. One thing to remember – cleaning a bike is more than making it look shiny. All that nasty liquid that drips off the rider is SALTY, SALTY, SALTY! Only a good flush with clear, clean water will get rid of it, otherwise your prized machine will gradually corrode, especially in places where dissimilar materials interface. Carbon + aluminum + salt water = battery. The upside of the apartment shower scheme is that you should then clean the shower stall/bathtub when finished – so the folks you share the facilities with should end up with a nice, clean shower and bathroom afterwards!


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