Marianne Vos is back to training, sets sights on Rio

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Rabo Liv announced today that Marianne Vos is back to training with her sights set on Rio.

This announcement is a follow-up to the team’s October message announcing that Vos was unlikely to compete in cyclocross this season.

The 12-time world champion has been sidelined on-and-off with injuries since December of last year, and only made a couple road race appearances this year.

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Her return to the peloton kept being pushed back but now, following some medical testing, Vos appears to be recovered from her injuries and is back to training again.

There is no set return date to racing, however, the team did say that she is targeting the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro next summer.

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Vos’ injury was a result of overuse and pushing her body over limit. These past months she has learnt to let recovery take its time and not make any hasty decisions.

“I recognize that the injury didn’t happen by chance. It was obvious overuse in training and racing and meant that I had to take a step back or it would only get worse,” Vos told Ella earlier this year. “Throughout my career, I’ve always wanted and been able to combine a lot of things. I’ve been able to handle a lot and tax my body in training, racing and beyond. It’s allowed me to combine those different disciplines and continue to push my limits. By doing that, however, you forget to listen to your body because until now, I was able to get away with it. In these past months, I have had to re-learn in a way to listen to my body.”

Learn more in this video message:

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