New UCI team with many familiar faces to compete in the UCI Women’s World Tour

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There will be a new UCI women’s team competing in the inaugural UCI Women’s World Tour in 2016. Cybersecurity company Cylance, in partnership with Inspire Sports, LLC, today announced the establishment of a new U.S. registered UCI Women’s team, the Cylance Pro Cycling Team.

The team roster includes many familiar names including Americans Shelley Olds, Krista Doebel-Hickok, Alison Tetrick and Erica Zaveta; Valentina Scandolara and Rosella Ratto of Italy; Sheyla Gutierrez of Spain; Doris Schweizer of Switzerland; and Kathryn Bertine of St. Kitts & Nevis.

The team’s sports director is Manel Lacambra.

The team aims to be a competitor in the Women’s World Tour while also allowing the individual athletes to focus on the 2016 Olympics by providing them the training, competition opportunities and a range of additional resources needed to pursue their dreams of representing their countries on the world stage.

“We believe that sports can be a critical component to a happy and healthy life and we want to empower everyone to get active and achieve their goals” said Omer Kem, founder of Inspire Sports. “Cylance Pro Cycling Team members will be role models to athletes of all sports, male and female, not only for their accomplishments on the Cylance team, but also as they strive to represent their nations in the Olympics. Our partnership with Cylance will help these talented riders reach that goal.”

“Professional cycling and cybersecurity both combine science, art, strength and strategy to overcome complex challenges and achieve success,” said Stuart McClure, CEO of Cylance. “The dedication, discipline, perseverance, and drive to win of the Cylance Pro Cycling team members are a perfect reflection of the Cylance culture and we are proud that they will each wear the Cylance jersey.”

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