Race organisers reject UCI reforms and call for a decrease in team race squad sizes

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The planned reform of the cycling calendar announced in September now has a question mark over it after the International Association of Cycling Race Organisers (AIOCC) voted against it at its annual general meeting.

Chaired by Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme, whose ASO company organises that race plus many key calendar events, the group of 77 organisers voted almost unanimously to support a motion stating “utmost concern with regard to the reform (of cycling) in its current state, which is nothing like the original project presented to the annual general meeting in 2014.”

According to AIOCC, it is “opposed to its implementation in its current presentation and calls for a working group to be set up as soon as possible that brings together all the stakeholders in order to propose the appropriate corrective measures.”

Only six out of the 77 organisers voted against the motion; one abstained.

The meeting was held in Hamburg and also saw two other motions passed. The first sees the assembly approving the appointment of a director general. The second is more significant; ASO and others approved a request to reduce the number of riders per team in races.

If approved, this would see squads drop from nine to eight riders for Grand Tours, and down to seven riders for those one day and stage races which currently field teams comprising eight riders each.

Races that currently see squads of six riders would be unchanged.

According to the AIOCC, this reduction is mainly for safety reasons.

The UCI and other stakeholders have not yet responded to the news.

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