• Clarence Laboranti

    biretta? Isn’t it “berretto”? Also “cappellino”.

    • Giovanni Calcagno

      You bet Clarence!!!!

  • Chris

    More teams need to follow OGE’s example and let the fans see the riders off the bikes, joking around or whatever. It’s hard to related to helmets and sunnies and race-faces but once you’ve seen riders’ real faces and personalities you can get a connection.

  • Rhys

    Long live the cycling cap

  • I live in Brazil and most of time the weather is sunny and warm. So except for raining days, should we never wearing cycling caps? :(
    Even though the rules are based on common senses rules, I do also make an effort to keep up with the caps tradition. #capsnothats

    • I live in Aruba, it is sunny and hot and yet I always wear a cap. Cycling style commands :)

  • Alan

    Not sure if Poe’s Law.


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