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  • winkybiker

    Fabulous. I don’t miss Australia often, but this made me pine for the gum trees.

  • jules

    I dragged myself out from behind my keyboard, bit the bullet and lined up. good to see so many CT fans out there, then get dropped by them. a perfect day for riding and a great vibe – well done.

  • Jason Dwyer

    an epic day in the hills, well done to everyone involved.

    anne-marije, just out of interest what proportion of the field were women this year?

    my impression was a reasonably good % given the course.

    afterwards, just browsing through strava found this epic ride from sarah hammond: https://www.strava.com/activities/437020980/ ( ! )

    the atmosphere on the day was great, the non-timing aspect made it a great social ride, and i’d like to think your 30% goal is eminently achievable.

    looking forward to next year already

    • Anne-Marije Rook

      Hey Jason,

      I haven’t seen the numbers but I’m guessing 5-10 percent were female.

  • Dylan Nicholson

    Were the stem caps for the top 100 riders regardless of sex, or top 50 for each?

    • Anne-Marije Rook

      Top 100 regardless of gender. We did have a Top 3 men’s and women’s podiums.

  • Great to see my friends @lizzymcgizzy09 and Lorian Graham in the most stunning scenery – great job girls :)

  • Damien Cook

    A sensational day on the bike. Beautiful scenery, a challenge..but one that was doable and like minded rides who were all enjoying the ride and company. No ego driven DHs that I came across. The ‘What would Cippo do?” sign in the gallery made me smile. It was on the early part of the Reefton climb at a little pinch. One in the group I was with at the time stated the obvious. “He would have climbed off at the F***bridge, no hills for him” did cause a laugh in the mob. It was that kind of day


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