Thank you for riding with us at the inaugural Giro della Donna

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Tired legs, sun-kissed faces and day dreams of endless, tree-lined roads. We have a bit of an event hangover today.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather and better company for our inaugural Giro della Donna gran fondo.

For the entire CyclingTips team, it was such a thrill to get off the internet for a change and do something with all of you that we’re all passionate about – riding bikes in beautiful places!

We had been planning this event for months, and to see hundreds of smiling faces and an outpouring of social media love is extremely rewarding.

Thanks to our hard-working team behind the scenes, I was fortunate enough to get out there and ride the event myself. It was an honour to ride alongside y’all and meet you.

To the rider who started cycling just 10 months ago and came out to challenge himself; to the rider who punctured, caught back on and still dropped me like a rock; to the Maglia Nera who stuck it out for seven hours to make that finish line –you inspire us and we are so grateful to be part of this wonderful community.

We haven’t crunched all the numbers yet but we do know that we had just short of a thousand riders registered to partake in this inaugural event. That is an awesome start, and as we review feedback from the riders on where we can improve for year two, I can tell that it is my personal goal to make sure women make up 30 percent in future renditions of this event.

I want to thank each and every one of you for coming out to share this day with us, and thank the town of Warburton for supporting our event.

We hope you and your friends will be back next year!

Anne-Marije, Ella Editor.

P.S.: Enjoy some beautiful shots by Veeral Patel below. You can see your individual photos for purchase here.

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