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September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
  • Steel

    Richie, Teejay and Dennis at BMC. Not sure how that fits together. But then, Quintana and Valverde work at Movistar and Sky have had multiple GC chances in the one team and have done it well.

    I guess it felt weird at BMC at the end of Cadel’s career with Teejay snapping at his heels.

    • jules

      the Valverde-Quintana marriage interests me. from what I can see, Valverde – if you set aside the small issue of his unrepentant doping – is a stand-up guy and has mentored Quintana, not allowing their relationship to descend into bitterness and jealousy. or at least that’s how it appears to me from what I’ve read.

      • Tawny Frogmouth

        ….if you set aside…. He’s a stand up guy!? WTF!?
        If you set aside the truth, it’s so You can fetishise a winner.
        He doesn’t become a stand up guy cos you have forgiven him… Though well done for having done so.

        • Neil

          Ah Tawny, surely good people never stuff up. And bad people never do good.
          The world is black and white like that…

          • Tawny Frogmouth

            Granted …(presuming sarcasm)
            However selective blindness is kinda sickening when such untrue statements accompany it.
            I just wouldn’t – couldn’t say he is an honourable man (if that is what a stand up bloke is) in the context of pro cycling.
            One of the best at winning, sure.
            Probably clean now (though carrying physiological benefits from years of hot sauce.)

            • perru

              Not the greatest fan of Valverde, although I am Spanish, but the guy paid his time, the issue of admitting doping is more complex than that and surely has its consequences looking forward, so no one in the end admits while still riding. Vino is a superclass talent, so is Alejandro and Contador…although the story of aclembuterol infected steak is one of the funniest I’ve heard (if it wasn’t cos we r talking about pro cycling)

        • jules

          woah.. way to miss the point. I’m not setting aside his doping at all – other than for the purpose of analysing his working relationship with Quintana.

          “Other than the 9/11 attacks and other terrorist incidents, Osama Bin Laden is not known to have a criminal record”
          “what do you mean no criminal record??!!! he was responsible for 9/11!!!”

    • Dave

      It could make for an interesting TDU given that we can expect the race organisers to pay appearance fees for both Dennis (the defending champion) and Porte to attend as they always do with the top Aussies.

  • Matt Ellis

    Other than those listed in this article, I am most interested in seeing how the Uran and Rolland signings at Cannondale-Garmin unfold. As a Canadian, I am also interested in seeing how Mike Woods (Woodsy) does in his rookie ProTour season at Cannondale-Garmin. The story about his rise from a former NCAA runner to one of the top riders on the North American scene this season and then a ProTour rider next season within a few years is an inspirational and exciting story. He might not get much in terms or results during his first year, but it will be entertaining to see.
    Lastly, will the move to Trek be a good change in scenery for Ryder Hesjedal after so many years with Garmin?

    • I am very intrigued by Rolland as well—I think the case could be made that the signing makes perfect sense, but an alternative case could be made that he’ll have a hard time transitioning. On the one hand, he’s a very aggressive rider going to a team that likes to hunt stages and take things “day by day,” one that is in need of elite climbers now that Hesjedal and Martin are moving on. On the other hand, Rolland has ridden for French teams his entire career, and he’s been his team’s featured rider in the Tour for some time. Now he’s coming to an English-speaking squad that likely hasn’t given up on Andrew Talansky’s Tour ambitions… Could work out great. Or maybe not.

      • perru

        put it the way you like, but Hesjedal is one of the classiest in the pro scene and steady as no one else…even though when he is not at his best he’s still able to put up a fantastic couple of days in the mountains. He attracts sponsors like no other rider at his level does. Rolland, on the contrary, is not as steady, much more “me is all I care” and need a super team to back me up. Moreover, doesn’t have an engine in his bike unlike Ryder (kidding!!!!)

    • As a fellow Canuck, I am also excited by “Rusty” Woods’ promotion to the World Tour but I expect him to be hitting the deck far too often to have an impactful season in Europe, if he gets much racing over there. His lack of experience as a bike racer means his bike handling skills are very lacking something that is very important when making the jump from North American racing to European racing where the roads are narrower, bunches tighter and speeds faster. I can see Cannondale-Garmin saving him for the NA races like Utah and Pro Challenge where I think he will do very well again but I don’t expect a big impact from Woods in Europe.
      Hesjedal’s move to Trek is a last hooray. He’s getting up there in age and talks of Nibali joining Trek in 2017 means he might not get the same GC focus after this season. 2017 at Trek might look like Mollema for the Tour and Nibali for the Giro and possibly Vuelta.

  • PDidds

    Dane Cash to Cycling Tips?

    • We’re lucky enough to work with a whole bunch of great freelancers, Dane included! (Incidentally, Dane also works for VeloNews and has his own site: velohuman.com)

  • chop

    (Crucial issue) but is it just me or is the guy in the embrace with Cavendish photo got a very small head compared to his massive body??? #looksweird? or just the angle?

    • Kieran Degan

      That is frightening. Must be a perception thing.

    • jules

      the lens is close to his body. the other people behind have even smaller heads, but their bodies are also far away so in proportion.

  • Roger That

    I for one hope that Kittel gets over his debilitating dandruff problem and has a crackerjack year.

  • MattF

    Dan Martin to Ettix Quickstep – built for success. A clean swap with Kwiatkowski with the added advantage that Martin has often stated that he is not comfortable with the pressure of a GC role, preferring to chase stage success in Grand Tours.

    • Indeed a great signing by Etixx in the wake of Kwiatkowski’s departure. Have to wonder how he’ll fit in with Alaphilippe though…

  • Martin

    Porte at BMC and the way Cannondale-Garmin will go in GC. They now have Rolland, Talansky and Uran with Michael Woods as a helper…

  • Jens

    Shooting fish in a barrel there. Signing older obvious dopers is generally a good recipe when building for success.


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September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017