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  • brianthemagical

    This is awesome, thanks.

  • rachelkm

    I am LOVING Dr Sims’ articles – thank you! So interesting, informative and relevant: makes you realise how little female-athlete-specific articles there are elsewhere. Please please please keep them coming!

    • Anne-Marije Rook

      Will do! Thanks for the feedback.

  • Deborah d’Avigdor

    Love this kind of article and this is great, accords with my experience also

  • muz

    Very interesting! Is it ok for women to do the intermittent fasting theory on days they’re not training? ie – my partner runs 3x/week and has four days with no ‘training’ as such, if she does the IF thing one or two of those days is it going to help drop some weight or will it bugger up the hormone levels mentioned above and create a craving situation?


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