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  • Daft Wullie

    Wailly, wailly, wailly.

  • Nitro

    What’ll be fascinating will be now that they all can, how many actually will….?

    • dsd74

      I’d be more curious about how many pros will decide on their own, rather than having the team’s bike supplier push them to use it. Nothing better for sales than having a star “endorse” the technology.

      • awesometown

        Are we still in the “pros choice” era? I feel like we see a lot less discretion on major components these days.

        • Dave


          You have to look at the actual bikes ridden, not the ones the photographers get to see with a full sponsorship-compliant setup.

          • awesometown

            Evidence of this?

  • velocite

    Why would they mandate rotor size? Is it because they just love regulation?

    • Steve B

      Rotor size has to be standardized for wheel interchangeability. You have that with rim brakes now since rims are all the same diameter, but discs are not.

      • velocite

        Certainly a team would need to standardize, but the whole peleton? Do you think they have in mind neutral service?

        • Dave

          For sure.

    • There’s a risk that a 140mm rotor can overheat, so the regulation goes some way to ensuring a certain level of safety for the riders. That doesn’t mean that a 160mm rotor can’t overheat, but it is less likely than a 140mm rotor.

      • Leroy

        Once the rotor heats up they may get a degree of brake fade, but isn’t this just going to be part of the action? Could be interesting to watch riders manage this..

        • Dave

          That’s something we’ll see less than we do currently, since disc rotors cool down better between brake applications than wheel rims do.

  • Geoff

    It would be interesting to understand the standards being mandated a bit better, aside from the selection of a 160mm rotor size. What about through-axles, for instance? Coupled with this, it would be useful to understand how neutral tech support will adapt to disc brakes, and the fact that there will certainly be a mixture of rim and disc brakes in the field.

    • RayG

      Neutral tech support used to have to provide different rear wheels for Campagnolo and Shimano/SRAM and they managed. I’m sure they can work it out. CT’s earlier story on this also said the UCI Commission had decided on through axles as a standard.

  • And what about Elite or Masters category riders?


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