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  • Pinkie Boadicea, PhD

    So, I actually read this post right before going out for my weekly pain session (read: team practice). My coach is pretty awesome and will give me real time feedback on my technique as we ride, so I decided to try the image out.

    I noticed that your pushup position made it difficult for me to access my glutes and hamstrings. I did better when I focused on rounding my butt underneath me, kind of driving my sit bones into the saddle. It makes sense that this would give me better muscle access since being too light on the saddle means I’m not transfering power on the upstroke. My coach also approved.

    My physical therapist also used to tell me to focus on power into the glutes and a slight tuck when doing planks. I think maybe a plank is a better analogy than a pushup since the up down motion of a pushup does actually distract from core focus.

  • Max Stark

    Do you have some favorite drills on the bike and exercises off the bike which help with better positioning on the bike?

  • That is what makes the difference between recognizable athletes and those who do not find time to enhance their posture even outside their respective sports arenas. Physical fitness is hard to achieve without good posture. Good posture means your bones are properly aligned, your muscles, joints and ligaments are working naturally, internal organs assume their proper placement. Without good posture, your overall health and total efficiency may be compromised.

    So whatever sports you’re actively participating in, the right posture will certainly carry you to success at all times.


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