Who is the worst roommate in the professional peloton?

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The inside of a hotel room is a sanctuary for professional cyclists. It’s a team HQ that changes daily, a place where they can get away from the throb of a race, and a place where recovery and entertainment takes place. It’s also a place where riders need to get on with one another as, throughout the season, long, long hours will be spent in close quarters with their teammates.

It’s what some might call a first-world problem (or should that be a first “WorldTour” problem?) — how to share a hotel room. Back in May our sister site Ella published a humorous look at how to keep things fair and square when rooming with teammates.

With the season over and transfers taking place we thought we’d ask a few of the pros at the recent Abu Dhabi Tour who they’ll be avoiding in next year’s rooming roster and why.

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