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  • Winky

    Because it’s ‘straya, and you’re on a bike, I’d lay money down that the guys that drove over your GoPro did so deliberately. I hope you have/had better luck for the rest of your journey. Loaded cycle touring is one of the purest forms of travel there is. You get an appreciation of the places you visit and people you meet that simply isn’t possible if you’re in a car/bus/train etc. It changes you.

    • Dave

      I wouldn’t put money on most drivers having the ability to deliberately squish a GoPro.

  • Ron

    Okay come clean – how many magpies have you sworn at so far?

    :) great read, cant wait for the next one. Good luck!

  • Simon

    To look at your bike, the same one your mum rode years ago, shows that touring is not always about having the best bike. Take your time, it’s a journey and you’ll treasure the memories good and bad. Btw consider getting a mirror and a clickstand. Makes touring safer on highways with trucks etc and easier to prop the bike and access panniers. :)

  • Sam

    Hey Bec,
    Sounds like a great adventure so far. Hope it stays that way.
    WRT repairing tubes while out on the road – you should be able to do it without water. Just remove the tube and start inflating; at some point, the puncture will stretch open enough for you to detect its location to allow tou to effect the repair.
    Safe travels.

  • Dave

    Top tip – if you value your camera:
    1) spend more on a top quality METAL mount, not a plastic one.
    2) tether it in addition to mounting it, no matter how good the mount.

  • Annie.

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us here! It’s been a great read so far, and I hope you’ll collect many more precious memories on your journey! Stay save and have a good trip!


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