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  • Winky

    I don’t race for many of the reasons you outline. I also don’t like crashing. And I’m becoming increasingly bored by endless talk of strava/intervals/training programs/coaching and diet. I cycle for utility, adventure and fitness.

    • Shiffon

      You forgot to mention the endless dribble about “watts” and power as well! Urgh!

  • No rules. No obligations. No entry fees. Nothing to prove to anyone but myself. Podcasts or audiobooks make long solo rides a good place to educate myself on whatever topics are currently piquing my fancy.

  • Jonathan.

    I love riding for the sake of riding. I tried racing once, but it wasn’t for me.
    Maybe I just don’t have a competitive streak, or maybe I just prefer getting out early and hitting up a couple of gorges and be back in time for breakfast with my kids. Usually solo, no waiting around, no getting dropped. Just me and empty roads.

  • Irene Sheppard

    I dont race because i love nothing more than getting up at the crack of dawn ( especialy in winter) and getting lost in a fabulous adventure that always involves up.. The smells, the sounds, the views, the climbing, yep, Heaven!

  • DamSarahDam

    One of the things I embrace about road cycling is the diversity within the sport/hobby. Sometimes we feel have to defend our choices either way, as in all areas of life, but it’s OK, great in fact, that we don’t all have to like the same things. Great words Sarah.

  • Fe Murray

    So well said Sarah. Agree.. Im not motivated by competativeness. My own thing. In my own time. With rad people, heavy on th faffing, food & booze. Its where the fun’s at :)

  • Brendan Edwards

    Well said. Have felt the same way myself. Who needs to be tied into set racing when you can experience your own choose your own adventure

  • Nick J

    I do race and for me it was a mildly terrifying endeavour to embark upon but one I felt I absolutely had to do. For me it justifies the costs of cycling and the hours I spend out training … it gives me a reward for the all the work, that’s assuming I place which I occasionally do. I makes it mean something.
    Having read the comments from those who choose not to race it seems many feel that you miss out on something if you race. Some speak of getting up early to train and be home for breakfast with the kids, racing doesn’t stop you doing that … in fact that’s exactly what I do every Friday and Saturday morning. Others mention “nothing to prove to anyone but myself” … the only person who sets my goals and who gets disappointed when they’re not achieved is me. No one else is involved. These things are not mutually exclusive. Racing gives my cycling purpose … racing gives my cycling a measure and when I place or even win a race (has happened, once) it gives me the greatest sensation and exhilaration! It makes me feel like a serious athlete, for a little while at least.

  • Eat More Lard

    Some one said to me once “if you don’t have a training plan, you are just riding around”. It turns out I’m quite good at “just riding around”. The beauty of cycling is that you put into it what you want. If you want to see how you fare on the racing scene or the KOM chase, go for it. If you like to pootle at 3am, just because, then that is cool too.

  • Nathan Coleman

    I’ve only ever raced once, and a crash in that put me off the bike for close to 6 months + countless hours of Physio. Can’t see the reward for the inherent risk and so just training and where I want to go dictates my riding now.

  • Campbell Mattinson

    The only reason I’ve started racing is because I’m attracted to the challenge of it. We all find different ways to challenge ourselves; racing certainly isn’t the only way. I reckon I could write an article titled 50 Reasons Why I Won’t Race Across America, because that’s a challenge that holds no appeal to me. But I could also write an article titled 10 reasons Why I’d love to Ride Up Mt Buffalo Faster, because that’s a challenge that happens to. Each to their own.

  • Joe Spano

    Each to their own. Love the reasons you don’t race Sarah – love what you have achieved – Best of luck for the Tran Am – will be following you as you prepare and take part in that event . I love racing for the physical and mental challenge AND I love a long day going upward in a remote area with friends. I guess I love riding too.

  • kamoteQ

    I ride to de-stress. Racing would defeat the purpose.

  • Dbmurray

    I just ride my bike. No need to do anything else.

  • Pete23

    er you can race and do all the things in the article, you don’t wanna race – that’s cool, you wanna race -that’s cool too. You wanna ride a bike – that’s also cool. What’s not cool is talking shit about how other people choose to enjoy the ride

  • Danny Kurka

    I have found racing good for goal setting & motivation to ride a lot more & train harder, it help keep me honest, since I stopped racing, I ride less, more choosy with weather conditions when I do ride, but riding has been more enjoyable without having to do the intervals & sprint sessions, & being out in crap weather.

  • slowcoach

    agree 100% and good luck with the big ride next year.

  • Blair C.

    Quote of the article: “I’ve been known to talk on occasion…”

    • Strydz

      Yeah I spotted that one aswell Blair! :)

  • Stuart

    For me, the thought of riding more than about 120k’s in one go / day is just terrible. I just don’t do it. I get sore, bored and I’m just over it, so I could never do all that riding you do, which would also suck way too much of my time. I race crits occasionally, in low grade masters just to mix it up. It’s a good workout and at 45-60 mins per race it’s over fast. I never place, let alone win but it’s fun. Also do some cylco sportif events like Amy’s Gran Fondo and the B2B – they’re more to challenge myself and they’re under the magic 120k’s :-)

    But many of the people I ride with on club training rides ride big, long distances and that’s fine for them – we still ride together, I just don’t go on their mega epics. As for hills – I climb like a sack of cement. I still love riding though. Have a great ride.


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