How to have a bike-y Christmas

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Christmas is often all about food and family. And while those are two wonderful things, factoring in the bike can be tough. But it doesn’t have to be.

For some the festive season is the perfect opportunity to have a rest, but for others it can be an opportunity to indulge in a good dose of unhindered time pushing the pedals. Whether it is riding with the kids in tow or smashing up the climbs with a group of fellow cyclists, there are many ways to work cycling time into Christmas. Here are just some:

Tour the lights by bike

Go on a night ride in search of the most decorated house

Get together with friends and family and tour the houses in your neighbourhood that are decked out with Christmas lights and decorations. It’s easier to get around and see them on your bike and you’ll avoid the traffic jams.

Decorate your bike

Fun and visible

When you are touring the decked out houses, why not also become part of the show with your decorated bike. The added bonus is that all the extra lights will make you super visible when you are out riding in the dark, and there is plenty of that if you are in the northern hemisphere and grappling with the shorter days at this time of year.

Join a Santa ride

Get festive on your ride!

In many places around the world there are organised rides where everyone gets decked out in their Santa costumes. One that takes place in Australia’s New South Wales is the cruisy Santa ride to the Huskisson pub, which helps raise money for the local fire brigade. Over 500 tickets sold this year, resulting in a big turnout of cyclists donning the warm red suits in the summer heat. Its attire that’s probably a little more appropriate at the Wisconsin Santa Cycle rampage, which attracted nearly 2,000 riders.

Make your Christmas holiday to a great cycling destination

The view from Simone's cycling Christmas family holiday
The view from Simone’s cycling Christmas family holiday

If you are in the southern hemisphere it’s a great time of year to head for the cooler hills with a group of cycling buddies. You can enjoy days on the bike and nights of indulgence on all those Christmas goodies. Or you could take the family on bike riding road trip, camping along the way at great bike riding destinations. This works particularly well if you have relatives scattered far and wide as you can plan your path to visit them along the way.

Enlist the kids

Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons
Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

Having kids around can often increase the degree of difficulty in finding time to ride, but there are circumstances when it can work in your favour. If you buy one of your children, or perhaps a niece or nephew, a new bike for Christmas they will be dying to get out and try out their new toy. You’ll actually be obliged to go out for a family ride, purely to make the children happy of course.

Ride inside

Too much snow outside? Work up and appetite indoors.

Cycling outside on Christmas day might be easy in Australia, but it can get a little more difficult if you are in cooler climates and snowbound. But that doesn’t mean you should give up. Just plan for indoor cycling instead. If an indoor trainer, or training video is on the Christmas list even better as it would be rude not to show your appreciation by trying it out straight away.

Ride to, or before, Christmas lunch

copyright Jered Gruber
Riding in a winter wonderland. Picture by Jered Gruber

Go for a good ride to or before Christmas lunch and you’ll be so hungry that all that good food will taste even better. If carrying your presents is a problem you could try and get your hands on a bike trailer, they make a very cute and practical sleigh.


Share with us. What are your cycling plans for Christmas? Or is it just time to have some time off the bike and concentrate on some of the other good things in life?

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