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  • winkybiker

    Classy bike and build. But I have to say, it looks too small for you. I guess as long as it handles well, everything is just fine. Living in Vancouver, a commuter/winterbike without fenders (mudguards) doesn’t look right. Not a problem for you where you live, I guess.

  • Kieran Degan

    Another stunner!!
    Can someone please pay for a custom bike for me? I’ll emblazon your name/company’s name on the side for all to see. I ride pretty slow too, so lots of people will see it.

    • winkybiker

      I’ll do it. Please send your bank account details and I’ll transfer the money.

      • Kieran Degan

        I hope this turns out better than when the Nigerian Prince offered to do the same.

  • Aussie Bazza

    I love the look of this build. Really nice. Slam that stem though!

  • Mark

    Could you please put links to all the Curve, Baum, Llewellyn, Frezoni, Ken Evans, Gellie, etc bikes of the bunch under one convenient menu item. I feel that I’m still not wasting enough work time “researching” this stuff.

  • I noticed that Skunkworks recently built a couple of Belgies with rim brakes and paint: http://www.skunkworksbikes.com/the-belgies/
    Start petitioning Curve if you want to see a Belgie reviewed!

  • velocite

    I find that sometimes I am left cold by custom bikes of the bunch – more idiosyncrasy and reverence than functionality – but this one is terrific. The thinking behind it makes sense, the components are great and the whole thing just seems to come together. Great photos too. You will obviously enjoy this one.

  • mark clements

    looks like something you would want to and could ride every day, smart build and looks great. Congrats on the bike. Very nice.

  • Daniel

    I don’t understand why a custom frame has a 40mm high stem stack. It just looks wrong.

    • Nate

      that’s because it isn’t a custom frame. He wanted a custom frame, but ended up going with Curve with their standard “XL” frame

  • Wakatel Lu’um

    I don’t mean to sound disrespectful…but to me it looks like a generic made in Asia ti frame undersized for the rider with stacks of spacers?

  • Steve Demchinsky

    Hmm might not be clear in the article that this is a custom build, but not a custom frame. Same generic size as any other XL frame out there. Custom built frame would reduce stack height yes but was out of reach costing circa extra $5k. I look awkward on any XL framed bike out there. Not the bikes fault!

    • Peter Il Pirata

      You’re looking in the wrong place. Custom, locally-designed Ti frames are less than $5k

    • Nate

      that’s strange, US frame makers (mine is Kish) are typically around 3k for the custom frame or 3600 total (AUD) for a custom frame.

      Another option is always going to chinese titanium, as they will build a ti frame to specs for about 800 USD (last I checked)

  • Sean parker

    That’s a beaut bike. I love the pragmatic, industrial aesthetic with the blue anodising to subtly pimp it. Discs, dura ace and a retro riveted saddle is a great combo. No campy enslavement and faux euro pretensions here.

  • VerticallyCompliant

    Although a little awkward looking. Extra points for making an XL bike look this good. Plenty of bikes look great in the magazines at M or small size but when they are upsized loose their appeal – I’m looking at you most areo bikes.
    For us cyclists over 6’2 a traditional geometry frame and tube profile goes a long way to a successfully gorgeous build.

    • dsd74

      Totally agree! I’m 6’6″ and have a 63cm Cannondale whose almost horizontal top tube looks a lot better than a lot of the sloping or curved ones you see out there. The main “complaint” I have with the look is that from the side, the handlebar is proportionally small relative to the frame, looks like a kid’s bar.

    • OverIt

      Yes, oversize bikes are hard to get “Right” proportionally. Custom sizing could have added perhaps 10-15mm to the HT and looking at the website and this bikes purpose, I’d have gone for a lower BB, say 75mm drop for such a tall rider to get him sitting ‘in’ the bike more. That would have reduced the bar height -10 and saddle nearly -20 and sucking 20mm of spacers out. I’m surprised given the lower supply volumes that some custom geometry isn’t offered. I know it’s more setup, but they’d be resetting jigs while welding and resetting mills etc to miter tubes to make all the frame sizes anyway I’d think? Couldn’t add more than and 2-4 hours for a frame to go custom surely?

      Still it’s a great bike and what matters most is that it rides well and the owner is a happy camper :)

  • Keir

    I reckon she’s a pretty smart looking whip. Its always going to be difficult to make a bike of this size look perfectly proportioned, thats just the reality. For engineering nerds it’s got all the good kit. Chris King in the right places of course, King cages, Enve and Curve rims. All that along with a very nicely constructed frame adds up to a really nice investment. Very nicely executed.

  • Joel

    should have put campy super record on to match the wheels

  • Jefferson Souza

    Beautiful in every detail. Even the Shimano parts don’t look that out of place in a classic build like this one.

  • Søren Nejmann

    Matching enve seatpost and stem,and this would be totally bad ass! One thing that botherer me is wty can’t they make internal cabel routing for the breakes/gear cables? That would be so much cleaner.

    • pa8848

      They do have DI2 internal cabling available.

    • Will

      Agreed. I would only purchase if it had internal brake routing

  • Maverick1950

    Lynskey fits the bill. David built frames for Eddy and Lance (presumably a drug free rider back then). Curve build looks awkward for this rider. Discs – listen to the pro riders. Not essential. Commuters – jury is out!

    • Sean Doyle

      LA has never been drug free Started when he was a teenager with Hincapie and Carmichael.

    • Sean parker

      ‘Discs – listen to the pro riders. Not essential.’

      A pro is the last person I’d listen to when it comes to real world riding. The pro’s should be forced to adopt new technology so that it trickles down for real world gains to average punters. This is why the pros should use discs, not because of any utility for them, but for utility for the rest of us.

      The amount of people i’ve seen ride in traffic in the wet with carbon rims…. because they’ve ‘listened’ to the pros….

  • Dbmurray

    Lovely looking bike.


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