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September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
September 18, 2017
  • SMH

  • Tom Wells

    That last case (the guy with the syringe). What a loser. Just admit it you bellend!

    • david__g

      I’m pretty sure I’d probably think less of a guy who used a used syringe than someone who just owned up to being a doping jerk.

      “examined it visually” What a f***ing clown.

      • Dominic Sharkey

        He could see there was no HIV in it, it’s all good

        • A

          Dumb enough to use such an excuse, then maybe dumb enough that it happened?

          • Winky

            Oh come on. There was no syringe. Why would you believe his excuse? The guys is primarily a cheat and a liar. His associated stupidity is evidenced by his belief that anyone would buy his half @$$ed story.

            • Anon N + 1

              Just a minute: there were witnesses to the sale of the syringe. Respondent was in conversation with “the gym owner Steve Collins and a small group of members.” So we can ask Mr Collins and the members of the group for their memory of the conversation. We should be able to identify the seller as he is presumably know to Mr. Collins. We can ask if other transactions involving syringes have occurred or known to have occurred in this gym.

            • A

              My point is that maybe, just maybe, he is so dumb that it is true.

          • ummm…

            This, of course, can’t be discounted.

  • Surprised by the junior – given he was nothing special, on a bike. Appalled by the masters winner – ignoring the actions of a cheating mindset, what idiot would contemplate using a used syringe.
    I fear, he actually injected it in his head.

    • Winky

      I’m not surprised in the slightest. Sadly.

  • Legstrong

    He should be banned for life. This would an example (warning) for other juniors. He is old enough to make the decision himself. Yet, he chose poorly. Too bad, he ruined his own (potentially bright) career.

    • Winky

      Yep. 100% agree. Ban the grub for life.

      • Seriously

        Back on planet earth, minors get reduced sentences.

        • winkybiker

          I didn’t say he should go to jail. Participation on professional sports is not a human right. Professional cycling doesn’t need him, and won’t miss him.

  • Dominic Sharkey

    Could someone be any more stupid??

  • Andy Logan

    That 2nd case had to be a case of idiot of the year. Although he has some tough competition from Trump.

    Lol, I couldn’t see any blood so thought it would be fine.

  • Daniel

    Don’t worry, I’m sure that guy cleaned the used syringe with his napkin

  • Paolo

    I’m amazed a master wanted to inject vitamins and someone else randomly had a syringe with them. Is that normal as a weekend warrior/master to inject yourself with stuff?WTF?

    • Fred Biggins

      Syringe usage in Gyms in the UK is quite prevalent – so is Anabolic steroid usage amongst gym goers. See this http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/jun/19/anabolic-steroid-use-leaves-britain-facing-health-timebomb, so the defense while utterly utterly moronic isn’t that out of the realms of possible. i.e. there is a chance that some random person in a gym will have a used syringe on them. As the article points out though HepC infection rates from these people is up there with Heroin addicts so – yeah. Smart move.

  • Vlaamse Dunny Bowl

    Write more stuff about doping … I’m sure it will influence more 18 year olds.

    And more vets

    Saturating the net with these stories will make it seem ‘normal’

    Keep up the good work


    • Chris

      Not sure silence worked so well through the 90s and 00s…

      • Vlaamse Dunny Bowl

        Back then it was Pro’s doping… and maybe Italian & CommyBlok juniors.
        Now we have bio passports for Pro’s who ARE CLEANER THAN EVER
        British juniors on EPO and Neverwas Vets using anything routinely at club races
        Cos, “they’re all on it”
        Where do they get that idea?

      • Vlaamse Dunny Bowl

        90’s & 00’s?! funny perspective.
        For the pros it was about
        1910 thru to about…2010

        Gratuitous over reporting is perpetuating the practice albeit in different pastures.
        What is news?
        What is repetition?

      • ummm…

        and the 100 years before the 90s

    • Climbingon

      Probably the opposite

  • david__g

    And already he says he wants to be seen as “more of a David Millar than a Lance Armstrong”. Son, you’re an 18 y.o no-one who got popped. People think you’re a dumbass – certainly no one is going to be using you as an example of a rider who turned his life around and became an anti-doping crusader (and that’s giving Millar perhaps a little too much credit – but whether he’d have come clean if not caught is a discussion for a different time). But either way, at least Millar had achieved something and was in a position as an elder statesman of the peloton to perhaps make a difference. This kid? Honestly, what is going through his head?

  • Bones

    Why do athletes tell such stupid lies? You buy one vial and that vial happens to get found? You ‘borrow’ a used syringe from someone you don’t know at a gym? Reminds me of the time Tiger Woods wife (now ex) freed him from his Caddilac SUV using a golf club after he ran into a tree, remember she was a ‘hero’? I’d throw the book at these guys for just being f***** stupid :)

    • RacingCondor

      I find both stories completely unbelieveable.
      – Junior: I haven’t cheated before and clearly didn’t have the Junior National 10 in mind when I bought EPO to go on a training camp 1 month before it! Right… Seems much more believeable that he’s either been doping for a while or he was targetting the Tour of Wales and/or National 10.
      – Masters: I can only say he deserves the long ban. He’s either a complete pillock or invented the most pathetic defence ever.

  • Brad Fry

    All of the above, surely?


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September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
September 18, 2017