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  • Sam

    Great review! I’ve sort of settled on the Ultimate to build up a climbing rig since reading the TCR review, so this does reinforced that.

  • Marc

    Looks like a great bike! What’s the weight of the bike?

    • The size medium 9.0 Aero that I rode was around 6.5kg. The blue bike in the pictures is a little lighter thanks to the R-Sys wheelset.

      • Marc


      • noname

        Matt Tou were testing size M . What is Your height and inseam? The size was good for You?
        I am 178cm and inseam 83.5cm and as always I am between S and M size.
        I need all round bike not only for racing but also for long trips.
        Thanks for info!

  • Mel

    Thanks for the review. Been looking at Canyon and was tossing up between the Ultimate and the Aeroad, think the versatility of the Ultimate may be a better choice. With a wheel upgrade as well ;)
    Nice work guys

  • simon

    If only I was 30 years younger! It’s a terrific looking bike with those lovely clean, aero lines. The cockpit is to die for. (Did I just write that!) But I’d want to try it before committing as the bar/stem setup is locked in.

  • GT

    Nice review – my favourite articles are tech and reviews.
    Would I buy online without a test ride? Last time I was buying a bike from a store, I looked at a lot of brands and not many could offer test rides anyway, size 53-54 and does a 20 min pedal really tell you much? If you know your measurements it is not too hard to check if you fit into their sizing So to have a 30 day return policy is pretty damn good. If you go custom as I did ( Baum ) there is no chance to test ride either. Bar stem combo is a bit scary but again research and measuring should see you OK
    So I think I would in fact buy one if I had the need / want / itch. And it is a good looking bike.

    • BRK

      I was considering Focus or Canyon for my new bike. I decided to go with Focus – in part due to being able to buy from LBS. I went to the LBS (Brisbane). The shop didn’t have a bike to test ride. Didn’t offer to arrange a test ride. Couldn’t tell me when a bike would be available for me to test ride. Wouldn’t discuss price until I gave some sort of agreement I was going to buy the bike.
      So, I’m having trouble determining what the advantage is in buying from (and trying to support) the LBS?
      I think I’ll go with the Canyon (Ultimate) and try the 30 day return policy… what have I got to lose??

      • Tim Ashton

        Which Focus dealer in brissy was that?

        • BRK

          Chain Gang

          • Tim Ashton

            No surprises there. I have a couple of friends who have used them to buy a focus and now refuse to go there. Poor service repeatedly.

            • craig

              worth the trip down to Pave at Miami on the Gold Coast ( or check out his web.FB) ben will sort you out and loves his bikes
              you wont be disappointed

      • Andy B

        I think you need a new LBS ;)

      • david__g

        How on earth can a shop justify not discussing price unless you agree to buy the bike? Ridiculous.

        • Too scared to use the phone

          Interesting. A local Focus dealer in Tassie remarked he would only ring the warehouse re: availability if I “was serious” about buying one. Maybe their distribution centre aren’t pleasant to deal with. Needless to say, I walked out.

          • Mike

            customer service at its finest haha!

        • BRK

          Yeah… agreed.
          So to clarify what happened, I knew I wanted the bike and I knew the exact model I wanted, so I asked how much? The shop guy gave me the RRP, so I asked is that the best price… he suggested we not talk about price until I was certain and availabilty could be confirmed.
          They didn’t offer a test ride, didn’t have the bike in stock and couldn’t tell me when they would have a bike for me to test ride.

        • Peter

          Unfortunately it’s the same in the motorcycle game… and that’s worse considering the money! I went in the other day for a test ride on a Suzuki I was interested in, Peter Stevens employee told me no test ride unless I put a deposit down. Ask them how much the bike is and they’ll quote retail and merely promise they’ll ‘look after you on price’ if you’re going to buy that day… ie. if you don’t shop around on price, we promise to be the best you’ll find. I didn’t buy or test ride that day.

      • Alex

        I bet the guy you dealt with used to run a used car dealership.

  • HamishF

    Any one have an idea about how or where you would attach your Garmin onto the Areocockpit? is there a special out-front mount?

  • Tom

    Beautiful bikes in the entire Canyon range actually. Can anyone from Canyon comment on availability? If you want to order the blue bike as reviewed it’s currently saying 11-16 April 2016 for sizes M & L. 22-27 Feb 2016 for a size S. If you want the Stealth colour scheme in S,M or L then you are currently looking at a 16-21 May 2016 delivery if ordered today.

    • Canyon has problems with the availability of some bike models every season. This season is one with a lot of problems. Mr. Arnold posted a video message in several German platforms to tell the customers about it. Canyon promises to improve every year. But, as I wrote earlier, some models always had problems with the availability.

  • Scott

    Put your hand up if you clicked on the ad link at the top of the page to have a further look at the Canyon website (I couldn’t resist).

  • RomanTheCube

    I could easily have one of each of the bikes that canyon offers. They all look great.

  • Ian

    Bit of a shortcoming with Canyon’s go-to-market model…

    Support Dominic: How can I help?
    Me: IS it possible to change stem length on a bike ?
    Support Dominic: Hi there, Unfortunately at this stage we are currently unable to offer changes on our bikes.

    • Will

      and you have to pay $10k up front and wait a minimum 4 months for most models

      • Forthelove

        Incorrect you are not charged until a few weeks before the bike is ready. I rang them yesterday to confirm

    • One should contact them directly, they are based in Melbourne. When the bikes are coming directly from Germany why arent they able to change parts on them? You pay $200 additionally for the postage due to that. I actually thought they do that for a surcharge.

      • Swapping the stem was never a real option. And it was expensive.

    • It was never easy to swap the stem or bar.

    • Choco

      Odd. I ordered recently and had it shipped OS, then went and picked it up. It’s now safely back in Oz.
      I placed the order then sent an email with my order number requesting the H11 cockpit size be changed, they confirmed and all was good.

      • With the h11 it is very easy. Try to change a normal stem and it is not so easy.

        • Choco

          Why would it be harder, the H11/36 is integrated. The 6.0 & 8.0 are std stem/bar setup and far easier to customise you’d think.

          • Because they didn’t offer it in the past. And when they changed the stem, it is expensive.

            • Where are you from? Used to live in the area as well, Landau/Pfalz, but live in Sydney now since a few years. Anyway, you have some strong opinions about Canyon, many Germans seem to have them it seems, where does that come from? I still remember their beginnings and coming from a mountain biking background their bikes were just not that accepted in the community. It was a simple no go not to buy your bike at the local shops. Anyway they’ve come a long way since then and besides the issues they may have (which brand doesn’t have any btw) they built great bikes at a good price. I do have to say that I now rather ride my Giant TCR (even though I may have once sworn to never buy one) and have to say that Giants have all the bang for buck that Canyons come with but with the local support from many great LBS. And they give back to the community and are open minded. Anyhow, still nice to see such a brand from little Koblenz go out and rock the world. They can be very proud of what they’ve achieved. Sort out some little things Canyon and people will love you even more.

              • I live in Frankenstein. Near Kaiserslautern. My wife is from Offenbach, near Landau.
                I don’t think negative about canyon. They build good bikes. They had some issues with some roadbikes a few years ago. One friend needed four frames to ride the first 1000 km and another one had to broken frames during the first ride.
                Every year, canyon has problems with the availability of some models. Sometimes a few month later than originally told. Can happen with every brand. It wasn’t possible to change stem and crank length. I would ride canyon bikes, but they are way to expensive for me. I work in the bike business and can have other bikes for less. Without that opportunity my garage would be full of canyon bikes.
                One problem is, that they changed their software this year and they have a lot of trouble. They grow faster than they can handle. It is a logistic problem.
                There is a rumor (that I don’t believe) saying that canyon received about one million euros of tax money from Rheinland-Pfalz (our state, like Western Australia or NSW) to develop the first ultimate frame. Because they did it on a local university. Some believe this rumor and don’t like it.

    • Sam

      I emailed them yesterday regarding this matter! Turns out that it will be something they offer in the near future when there new factory is up to full capacity.

  • JasonM

    Not only is there a 4 month wait for most of the models there is only half the models on offer compared to other countries. That is really disappointing. Why would they restricted the model?

  • Alex

    That is a thing of beauty. I’m surprised they went with a straight 1&1/8″ inch steerer. Did you find front end stiffness good enough to track well through the turns?

    • 1 1/4. Not 1 1/8.

    • Florian’s right, 1.25 inch steerer. Plenty stiff.

      • Alex

        So you need an “oversized” stem if you want to replace the stock one?

        • Indeed. Same deal as Giant’s Overdrive2 system. Giant and Ritchey would be the most common options for aftermarket stems.

          • duckingtiger

            Zipp also makes stem of this size if you find the other two brands difficult to find.

          • tobyshingleton

            and PRO!

  • philipmcvey

    The restrictions of online purchasing and proprietary stem/bar combos aside, I’d like to say that Matt, you just keep getting better with camera in hand. These images are simply superb, and if the purpose of images accompanying a review is to make me want to read said review you’ve succeeded.

    • Thanks Philip. I really enjoy photographing the bikes so it hardly seems like work to me.

      • Ragtag

        Matt, thanks for this informative review. Based on your review I bought the Canyon Ultimate 2015 model and have been very happy with it. Could you also do a review of the Cipollini RB1K? That is a bike which I am eyeing at the moment and was keen to get your thoughts on it. I also own a CAAD10 which is another stellar bike and was therefore very keen to get some thoughts on the CAAD12 as well.

        • philipmcvey

          Wow.. that’s some wishlist… The CAAD10 Black Inc is a marvel.

        • I’d welcome the opportunity to review one or both bikes :-)

          • Ragtag

            Well opportunities don’t come by themselves. Make it happen Matt – please ;))

      • philipmcvey

        As a fellow Perth person I kept coming back wondering where these images were shot, until I read the review and found they were actually shot on the Canyon launch event. Which was where?
        The problem with your reviews is they have me torn between wanting to drop a bundle of cash I don’t have on a new bike or dropping a bundle of cash I don’t have on new camera gear!

        • Sam

          Matt mentioned climbing Arthur Seat, which is a little climb in Victoria.

          • philipmcvey

            I really need to read the reviews more carefully, problem is it’s littered with all these images. Wasn’t Arthurs Seat used in an Everesting challenge? In fact it definitely was: https://www.strava.com/activities/116691154

            • velocite

              The Herald Sun Tour finishes at the top of it. It will be on the telly!

        • Go spend your money on a bike. Matt’s camera gear consists of a Lumix GF-1 with a 20mm lens (about $700). Incredible, hey?

          • philipmcvey

            Hi Wade, great job on the site.. I’m a graphic designer so I spend a lot of time with photographers and photography, and know that, just like cycling, having state of the art kit doesn’t guarantee you’re any good. The depressing thing for me is I have the same camera AND the same lens (the lens is bloody fantastic by the way)… the quality packed in to that little case is, you’re right, incredible. You still have to have talent to get beautiful images from it as Wade does.

      • Eileen Austin

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  • David Robertson

    I am on my second CF SLX. I had a Gen II which in got in 2009 and I broke in a crash (no fault of the bike). It was great so I went back for a Gen III in 2013 which I was able to get sent to my son who was living in Singapore. The Gen III was even more popular and I ended up waiting over 6 months for my size in the mechanical frameset as I like to build my own bikes just as I like them. Dealing with Canyon by email and phone can be frustrating though they did send me a full kit and a pair of Oakleys as compensation for my wait. I actually got the first one sent to me direct here in Australia though they said for about a month they wouldn’t, but I badgered them so hard they relented. No deal at all on sending the Gen III to Oz in 2013. BUT …. when you ride one all will be forgiven. I have been riding 30+ years and had more than a few frames including some big names (also starting with C). The Canyon is the best of the lot I have ridden and by a good margin. I am not at all surprised this Gen IV is the goods…

  • Kalle

    Great review (as always). Excellent photos and article. I really like the Ultimate CF SLX but considering how flat it is where I live and the type of racing I do i instead opted for the Aeroad. One thing that would be interesting to find out is the difference in aerodynamics (watts saved) between the Ultimate with H11 and the Aeroad with H11 (same wheels).

    • According to Canyon’s wind tunnel testing, the is a difference of 20W in weighted and average drag at 45km/hr in favour of the Aeroad (same wheels and components). Interestingly, adding two water bottles to the Ultimate adds 1W of drag to the Ultimate compared to 6W for the Aeroad (the wider tube profiles used for the Ultimate account for the differential effect of the bottles).

      • Kalle

        Great reply. Many thanks :-)

  • Mike

    This was a review? It read to me like a paid product placement.

    Does CT ever genuinely review product they are not paid advertising money for?

    • As I state every single product review when this same question comes up Mike, we keep Matt W. 100% unaware of the commercial side of the business so he can do his review work without that consideration. We go through great lengths to do this, and we also give you a full disclosure statement so you know if there has been any commercial relationship with the company in question. By the time the review goes up, you know more about this (through the disclosure statement) than Matt W. does.

    • CC

      Mike – didn’t you know, Ctips is a registered charity… give it a break.

      • I sometimes wish we were CC! But all of this does cost money and we rely on advertiser support to keep bringing this to you.

        We do require your trust however (that’s not negotiable), so I’m always happy to answer questions about how we make sure our reviews are kept at an arms length from the commercial side of things.

    • Here’s a pic of me (on the left) riding the bike on Day 1 of the launch. The guy on the right is Ward, Canyon’s head of Business Intelligence and Business Development. And the “road” is at the bottom of Arthur’s Seat. It was one of those moments where we were making up the ride as we were going along and found a “shortcut” back to the climb.

      I’m not sure what kind of evidence you would like that I reviewed the bike, but the photo proves that I did throw a leg over it (at least once!).

    • pedr09

      FFS Mike, the rest of us can figure this shit out, why can’t you?

    • pedr09

      FFS Mike, the rest of us can figure this shit out, why can’t you?

  • rebus faarm

    Thanks a lot, Matt. I was doing all the due diligence for new TCR and now you throw this at me.

  • Paul Wright

    There is a lot of disquiet about the Canyon world around their terrible deliveries at the moment. Long lead-times advertised on the website are just the start of it. My personal experience has been (and this would be my second Canyon – no problem with the bikes, they’re wonderful):

    Ordered in October with a quoted delivery on the web of end Oct/early Nov. Received a mail that there was problems with my credit card, turned out there wasn’t and after holding for an hour was told I’d get another form to fill in. It never arrived, nor did the bike.

    Early November was an information black hole. Then we had the general mail from the CEO promising an update in 2 weeks.

    Later November and an order confirmation came through with a delivery date of early Dec. I contacted Canyon based on the problems last time and turns out the new SAP system they have installed couldn’t process any credit card for my order. I was asked to pay by bank transfer. I received a new invoice with a delivery date of end Nov and (against better judgement) transferred the cash. Two days later confirmation the money had arrived and the bike was being packed – finally looking good. Then radio silence for a week and yesterday I get a new order confirmation with a delivery date of March 2016.

    Spent 6 hours trying to contact Canyon via phone calls (chat never works, and now the phone service returns to a German message before hanging up), e-mail (a lot of e-mails never get replied to), Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook I was told the delivery was March! and on Twitter I had a reply blaming the ERP system – so it’s OK, nobody is to blame. No offer to to look into what has happened, no ownership of the problem, no acknowledgment I might be a tad upset at having been asked to send money and then to get a 3 month delay as if it’s acceptable.

    I am several thousand dollars down, sat in Canyon’s bank, a further 3 month delay on a bike I wanted for a race in November and no information. The bikes are wonderful – I don’t doubt this review at all – and great value but the customer service is beyond poor, it is contemptible.

    Would be refreshing to see an objective article about the troubles customers (readers) are having buying Canyons at the moment. With most publications access to the company it might even be a chance to enlighten us and give us some hope.

    I am a little beyond that now. I either want the bike this month or my money back – not unreasonable but let’s see if Canyon agree.

    • Bonesx

      Ouch Paul, that’s truly sh!tty service, and perhaps borderline fraudulent practices i.e. a soon-ish delivery date quoted to get your money, and then hey presto, revised to 3 months wait once the cash is received??!! What’s Darryl Moliere, the local man in Melbourne, have to say about it?
      As someone who’s tossing up between another Focus or moving to a Canyon, I’m well interested.

      • Paul Wright

        Hopefully they’ll sort me out one way or the other next week although short of contact yesterday. There are other posts on Canyon’s FB page saying Canyon have their money but not sent the bike, doesn’t bode well. And another friend is going through the credit card payment issues now, the same ones I had which led to the request for a cash payment.

        Can’t comment on a Focus but if you want to know when your bike is coming, or need it by a certain date I would recommend Focus. If you can wait an unspecified amount of time then maybe the Canyon but cancel when they ask for cash.

        • CC

          A business model that invests (you’re funds) in marketing, before product delivery is poorly devised. I don’t care how good the product is, it’s an inauthentic relationship with you (the purchaser).

        • Bonesx

          Yeah, their website’s been update recently by the look of it = Ls in most models are showing as March.
          Good luck with the pain of the wait. Just keep reminding yourself that you’ll be getting something special at the end of it all!

          • Paul Wright

            That’s been the (self)message so far Bonesx. Not sure I’ve got the karma to keep it going to March though. Hopefully a SAP ERP system error they can fix this week.

            • David Robertson

              Hi Paul – read my post up above. I waited almost 8 months so I know your pain. Your call at the end of the day. Good luck.

              • Paul Wright

                Thanks David, was it worth the wait? Might not have a choice if they hold the money!

                • Interesting feedback on how firm Canyon’s delivery forecasts are. I feel your pain. Online shopping normally offers such immediacy. I don’t think there is anything that can be said that will ease your frustration, but I’ve enjoyed all of their bikes. A lot.

                  • Paul Wright

                    Thanks Matt and agree, which only adds to the frustration – especially as I thought it was pretty much on its way 2 weeks ago. I’ve been riding this bike in my head now for over a month – not sure I’ve got the ‘legs’ for another 3 months of virtual riding.

                  • Mark

                    Hi Matt, as a follow up to your reviews on the Canyon Aeroad (Oct15) and Ultimate CF SLX it would be interesting to see if anyone in Australia has had a Canyon delivered since the Aus website went live 16Dec 2015? Your reviews mentioned how a test fleet of Canyons were going to be at the TDU, there was a display of 3 bikes in a 3×3 booth. Not exactly confidence building for potential customers. Also widely different to the large fleets of test bikes that other brands had on offer, even though we can also all go to our LBS and view their models anytime. Strange and massive lost opportunity for launch to market as an online business.

    • En Wade.

      I’ve seen a lot of similar stories recently. I was very seriously looking at the Ultimate, but the level of negative feedback about service and delivery recently made go the Cervelo R5 from a reputable local dealer. I’m sure the bikes are awesome, but I could do without the drama on such a purchase, hope they sort it out.

      • Paul Wright

        A wise choice, having got an S3 during this process (my existing bike cracked so needed something immediate!) would probably do the same in hindsight. If the cash comes back might still go that route. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mark

    30day return policy ??? Ha ha, you won’t need that. I have the Ultimate CF SLX 3rd generation and absolutely love it.

  • mjw

    Not sure if anyone is still reading this thread but, just in case …

    I placed my order for an Ultimate as soon as Australian orders became available. I was advised today that my delivery date has slipped from early Feb to late March. I’m interested to know what other Australians are being quoted for their deliveries.

    • Mark

      Ordered an Ultimate within 10min of Aus website going live in December, 16th Dec. Didn’t win a prize so someone got in before me, LOL.
      Model/Size was “in stock” and received emails same day confirming Order and shipping date as the following week, “14-18 December”.
      Model/Size still showed on Aus and Euro Canyon websites as “in stock” the following week too.
      Received a call in Jan from Melbourne Canyon office, “There’s been a delay, you should see bike in March…”
      I’ve ordered four Canyons over last couple of years and same each time. Cancelled two from last three.
      People at Canyon are brilliant to deal with, bikes are some of best I’ve ridden and reach/stack suits me perfectly (hence I persist with them), but delivery predictions are beyond terrible.
      You have to assume delivery dates as website mean nothing. If you don’t have another bike NEVER sell your current ride expecting a Canyon to turn up when Order/Delivery Date confirmation is received.
      I’m sure some riders get their Canyons straight out just as Ordered and again, the team at Canyon are super great guys but reviews don’t cover Delivery of Product and After Sales backup, which they should as these are major components of buying/owning a bike.
      Also, there are many comments on how Canyon take your money and hold it, that’s not true. You order the bike, get allocated stock or the website tells you estimated(maybe/should be/could be) dispatch date from Germany.
      If guys choose to send an EFT and as an example want an Aeroad frameset, which as of today is May2016 dispatch, then yes, Canyon will hold you money til May.
      Just order a bike on the website and provide you credit card details and as a customer I can assure you they only debit your account when bike is about to be sent to you.
      Think of it this way;
      if you have no set date a new bike is needed,
      if the geometry of the model you’re looking at suits you,
      the specs and pricing are good and you have factored in costs to maintain the bike (there’ll certainly be no free servicing at your LBS with these) or are equipped to service yourself,
      then get on the Canyon Aus website and order your dream bike.
      You will get an email at some stage saying bike is on it’s way from Germany, spend a week more than excited with anticipation and then you’ll be riding a truly great looking and brilliantly handling machine.
      PS. favourite comment ever from a customer online regarding Canyon delivery of bike, “Stop giving away bikes and send me mine!” Look closely, neutral spare bikes on Mavic cars at 2015 Le Tour, yellow Canyon Ultimates.

  • Mark

    This bike review article was published a day after I ordered an “In Stock” Canyon Ultimate. After multiple emails informing “Provisional Shipping Date” had been moved, from December order, to 22 Feb 2016, to 8 April (after sending email saying “Hey, where’s that bike due end Feb??” I’ve just cancelled order.
    Do your research on Canyon before considering brand; a huge proportion of consumers dealing with the company will provide feedback on the delivery, or more likely lack of delivery of service and actual product.

  • Richard W

    Hey Matt, great review. I’ve been looking at the Canyon website this weekend as I’d like to move on from an S-Works SL4. My only query is perhaps an odd one – do you recall what the clearance between brake and tyres is like? I have the Maker wheelset from Tristan at Wheelworks and wanted to run 25mm but they pick up stones on the shitty Christchurch roads here in NZ and jam and/or slice away at the the brakes, but more importantly on the fork crown and the mounting bridge on the rear seat stays of the SL4. I know they say that you can fit 28mm tyre on the Canyon Ultimate SLX so it would suggest that would be fine…..?


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