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  • Will

    I like it. Do you think all SRAM sponsored teams will switch to eTap for 2016? And do you think SRAM will be sponsoring more teams? Or failing that, will more teams NOT sponsored by a groupset manufacturer opt for SRAM over Shimano?

  • Winky

    Looks nice. As for the eTap…well my mum always aid that if can’t say anything nice…..

  • RomanTheCube

    Looks good.

  • Mats

    Nice and refreshing, the bikes look really good!

  • Annie.

    Me too, I like the kit as well as the bikes and their design. Not at all to be compared to the poor ladies who had to ride Liv’s chliché-dripping womens’ frames. Instead, Canyon-SRAM managed a female and elegant (as one rider put it), but professional and really “racy” appearance, something lacking way too long in the womens’ field, in my opinion. There are many good female riders out there; so why not provide them with the best kit available?

    The only thing I don’t like is that they only have 9 riders. Bigger teams will be at an advantage in case of riders falling ill or not delivering at their best: They can let several riders take a break mid-season while still providing for, lets say, two teams at different stage races at the same time or directly after one another.


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