CyclingTips merges with BikeExchange and expands into the US

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It’s with enormous pleasure and excitement that I can announce that CyclingTips has merged with BikeExchange. Starting immediately, we will be operating under the BikeExchange family and joining forces with one of the most successful and innovative online marketplaces in the world.

Since my first blog post on September 8, 2008, CyclingTips has been an all-consuming passion of mine. It’s brought me more incredible experiences, happiness and sleepless nights than anything else I’ve ever done in my career. It hasn’t been easy, but not one day has felt like a moment of ‘work’ either. It’s truly outgrown the one man who started it and is now comprised of a team of enthusiastic and talented people who are doing more as a team than we ever could as individuals.

For the entirety of this seven-year journey, the one thing that has kept me awake at night more than anything else is the explosion of ideas and desires I have for the business. The partnership with BikeExchange will allow us to put those visions into motion and both businesses will be stronger together as a result.

What does this mean for CyclingTips? Well, for starters CyclingTips and BikeExchange will work together but remain separate sites. We’re always striving to get better and that won’t change. What this allows us to do is to expand into new markets and get better at what we do. To start with that effort, I’m honoured to announce that we’ve hired Neal Rogers (from GCN and VeloNews) to head up the editorial team in the US, and James Huang (from BikeRadar/CyclingNews) as our Tech Editor. Both will be joining the CyclingTips team in the new year.

What I think of cycling media and the current landscape that exists, I imagine that it could be so much more. There are of course commercial realities that make many things on my dream list uneconomical, but what we’re not short of is imagination and creativity. When I read Wired, Vox, The Atlantic, and view some of the innovative YouTube channels, it astounds me that there’s such a gap in cycling media. We want to be the ones to fill that gap with good, well-considered content that won’t leave you feeling disappointed. I’m not saying that we won’t have fun with our content, but we’ll have a good healthy mix for you to enjoy.

The goal isn’t to be the biggest cycling media in the world. The goal is to be the best, and to inspire as many people as possible to fall in love with cycling just like we have. That will be a never-ending journey.

I’m thrilled about the growth we’ll be experiencing, but we’ll be taking great care to make sure we execute with you, our readers, at front-of-mind. We won’t favour stats over substance. Creating great content is an art, and the fundamentals of what we’re built upon will not shift.

It’s been a fantastic journey so far and I consider this to be phase 2 of CyclingTips. Thanks for being a part of it. Exciting times ahead!

If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer in the comments.

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