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August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017
  • Anonymous

    Well, it’s been fun. I do feel disappointed.

  • awesometown


    Never been a fan of either of Huang or Rogers… The whole reason I like reading cyclingtips is that it shared no common voice or style with cycling news or velo news. I applaud your growing success but I’m holding out hope that the voice and style that made this site remain the same.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I’m well aware that not everyone will share our enthusiasm, but let me assure you that we’re not trying to become another Velonews, CyclingNews, or any other established media outlet. We have our own direction that we’ll continue with and keep evolving.

      • Steel

        Good on ya wade. I’ve been following since 2011 and part of the fun is seeing how this site evolves.

        I see a lot of potential for bike exchange to fill the carsales.com.au space for bicycles. Interesting times ahead.

        • Faz

          That was always what I thought bike exchange to be, sadly it’s never lived up to those expectations or experiences. I see bike exchange needing Cycling Tips to survive rather than the other way around.

          In saying that, as a long time observer of this site I’ll continue to follow with interest. So much goodwill has been built. I hope that continues to be the case.

        • Tim Rowe

          As much as Greg Roebuck (CSN) is ruthless in some of the business dealings he does, he would not screw up BikeExchange as much as they managed to with their new finance/billing model.

          BikeExchange have simply left the door wide open for another competitor to walk right in, as they have all but completely alienated stores with an unprofitable business model, one which provides only cost and no value to merchants.

          • Ben Larsen

            BikeExchange regularly operate in a deceitful and illegal manner and will hopefully get the karma they deserve. My professional dealings with them have been extraordinarily poor and their past and ongoing role enabling Australian bicycle retailers to ‘bait’ consumers is deplorable.

            Their new cost model was pitched as a “veiled” solution to the practice of advertising stock that retailers did not actually have that they had perpetuated in the first place, yet they have simply done deals with the worst offenders to enable this to continue. Kind of a shame, it had great potential as a platform but has turned into one of the most destructive participants in the Australian bicycle industry.

            Sad partnership for cyclingtips, bikeexchange are simply buying some of your credibility. Ironically, Orica’s partnership with Greenedge was no doubt driven by the need to change image after its chemical leaks.

      • We have faith in you Wade. Up and beyond!

  • George Hayduke

    Congratulations, I’ve been reading since ’08 or ’09 and remember when it was a .blogspot address. it’s been cool to see you grow.

  • Simon

    Congratulations! You’re bound to get negative feedback on this news so here’s a positive comment. Great reward for years of effort.

    • Thanks Simon. I fully expect that not everyone will be as thrilled as the team and I are, but the whole goal is to create better content and services for you. I have no doubt we’ll be able to achieve that.

  • Karl

    The 2015 year in review post made me think of all the great content this year and the quality of the posts that means that CT is one of my most visited sites. I hope the quality and focus doesn’t change (please don’t become just another news/industry reviewer site) and wish you all the best for the merger. Enjoy your holiday with the family, looks like 2016 will be a busy year for you and the team.

  • RayG

    Looking forward to more laterally stiff but vertically compliant bike reviews.

    Congratulations on the success, though.

  • trip221

    I’m happy for all your success but also hope that your focus does not change. Good luck with the integration, curious to see how it fits in with BikeExchange.

    Please don’t let Rogers contribute too much to CT. He has always bothered me and whenever he shows up on GCN I skip over his sections. Now that I think of it – please bring back Cosmo!

    • Superpilot

      Cosmo! Buy that man a beer, and give him a contract! I know CT tried to help him along, though. Good luck CT, no doubt some will see it somewhat as selling out, but pfft, if you ain’t payin, ya can’t be complainin. I’ll still read, which may be better or worse for you ;)

    • I’m excited about James joining that team. I like his thorough and honest product reviews. Like you, I’ll be interested to see how Neal fits in.

  • Blu

    Wade, this is a good point to thank you for Cyclingtips. I’ve been reading since 2009 and even during the 2 year period when living in Samoa and has provided a lot of enjoyment and now has my wife into cycling – you’re achieving the goal. Good luck with the changes

  • Congratulations Wade, bloody awesome news!

  • Russ

    Well done Wade – reward for all your hard work over the years. Hopefully this will enable the team to give us all even more of the great content we all hang out for on a daily basis. Have a great xmas and new year :-)

  • Mark Blackwell

    Congrats to the CT team. A very good match I’d say… BikeExchange is a canny business that has managed to bring services to the LBS that bring it into the internet age, and unseat eBay in at least one category, which is no mean feat. I’ve watched their efforts to do content with interest however, and their contribution has paled in comparison to what the CT team has achieved.

    And selfishly I’m pleased that CT is now built on a more sustainable business model than advertising, so I can rely on my favourite daily read.

    • Tim Rowe

      It bought a lot of business to stores, but then they got greedy and changed to a pricing model that has seen stores in Australia all but abandon the site completely.
      BikeExchange used to be a great go-to site when you didn’t have a consistent store to buy a particular brand from, and wanted to shop around. Now it’s next to useless for anything but full-retail bikes and secondhand sales. They seem to have decided to be unrelenting in pushing through with a pricing model that’s useless to merchants.

      • Mark Blackwell

        interesting. i’ve certainly seen managers in bike shops roll their eyes when i mention the site, but had assumed that they really didn’t have much choice but to play along.

  • Annie.

    I cannot judge as I don’t have the information neccessary to do so. But I was very glad when I discovered your site as we don’t have anything like that and it’s been exactly the kind of stuff I pesonally was looking for information-, quality-, personality- and languagewise. So I really hope – very selfishly so – that your partnership won’t interfere with these priorities of mine and also that you won’t take contributors on board who cannot meet these very expectations of mine.

    Also, I’ve made the experience that growing businesses merging with “older brothers” tended to be eaten up quickly, and promises made to their founders not kept (they left their new high positions soon and business stopped to exist even though it had been wonderful and flourishing companies simply searching for ways to expand before the mergers). I simply hope that won’t happen to you, that the way you’ve chosen is a good and successful one – and that you keep that wonderful work of yours up and going.

    Merry Christmas and a good start into 2016!

  • tobyshingleton

    As one of the the longest supporters (and reader) of Cycling Tips I think this is fantastic news for both the industry and CT readership.

    From the beginning Wade has run CT with a vision that is lacking in most other cycling media. As that drive resulted in growth (in readers and content) it is logical that the business will seek partners who can assist and support the business into the future.

    In Neal and James CT will have two of the most respected cycling professionals amongst its team. I first met James on a launch back in 2008 in Belgium and he struck me as highly articulate, strongly opinionated and technically second to none in reviewing and technical news game.

    As someone who considers myself an industry professional I look up to people like Neal and James, as they maintain high standards in everything they do.

    Congrats to Wade and all the hard working CT team (Andy and Matt especially) for bringing the right partners to the table.

    This partnership and the new team members will ensure CyclingTips continues to be a leader in cycling coverage across the globe.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words Toby. You’ve been an immense supporter from day dot and I have a lot to thank you for!

    • JJ

      Well put Toby. Nice one.

  • Mark

    Congrats Wade and the team. Hope that this provides you all with a more solid foundation to grow in the years to come. Please do the Giro Della Donna again though as I couldn’t make it this year!!!

  • Andy Logan

    Congrats Wade, big news and I look forward to the site going from strength to strength.

  • MJF

    Congratulations Wade – will we be able to purchase bidons of what ever it is that keeps you running at such a high velocity?

  • SufferfestMinions

    Awesome news. Fantastic to see someone who had the courage to pursue a dream – working incredibly hard (and having fun) along the way – see things come together like this. You should feel incredibly proud, Wade, and your community salutes you. This is well deserved success and an inspiration to all cyclists as well as entrepreneurs. – DMcQ and all The Minions

  • Geoff

    I miss the peleton of little plastic cyclists – whatever happened to those guys?

    • They’re still kicking around. They’re in a box somewhere, still packed away from our move last week. We should definitely find an excuse to wheel them out again at some point!

      • Riley

        We could use them to demonstrate my winning move from the weekend.

        • They’re back in action! Jonathan telling us in excruciating detail with the figurines how he got 3rd place in his first crit (that Riley won):

  • Cameron Harris

    Wade and team

    You seem excited about the change, so congratulations to you. I returned to cycling in 2011, and it’s been fun watching Cycling Tips grow. Part of my growth has been through the discovery of the well hidden back catalogue of tips on this site – I’ll never be a competitive cyclist, but I like to think that I’ve a useful base to draw on – thanks for sharing that knowledge.

    Although offering congratulations, I’m one of the nervous ones that worries about the risk of change to a website that is the first stop on the internet each day. I’m sure there is positive change afoot as well, but I’m not ready to talk about that!

    I imagine were all keen to learn how it will work beyond the simple cross promote – whether this is a long term sponsorship arrangement, or an equity deal. Are you going to be out in the market again in a couple of years like EuropCar? Are Bike Exchange your Gerry Ryan, or your Oleg?

    I second (or is that third?) the call to find airtime for Cosmo, and hope the litigious yanks don’t scare you off the Secret Pro (I liked the earlier, edgier iterations).


    • Annie.

      You managed to express those very feelings so much better than myself (s. above), so I’d love to join in: I’m a bit nervous my favorite cycling source on the internet might change in a way I don’t want, but I’d love it to thrive and profit from those changes, too. So there’s ambigue feelings and thoughts in the air.

      Nevertheless, I should have congratulated you @mattdeneef:disqus and your team for that move. Sorry for not doing so and all the best for the year(s) to come!

    • JJ

      I reckon The Secret Pro has seen the writing on the wall and hopped off into the broom wagon.

      At least for Wade’s stress levels anyway…

    • Hi Cameron, thanks for reading all these years and for the kind words.

      To be clear, I didn’t need to merge with BE. I wanted to. All the details of what you’re asking haven’t been worked out yet, but one thing is for certain – any changes will only be for the better. I’ll be here the entire way and am not sitting here with a non-compete clause waiting to leave.

      Give us some time and I’m certain we’ll put any concerns to rest.

      • Cameron Harris

        Just the fact that you’re answering our hand-wringing on Christmas Eve says it all really.

        Merry Christmas! Time for wine!

  • May I just say that I dont quite understand it. What has an eCommerce platform in common with a cycling blog like you? Never been a fan of bike exchange I have to say as I dont quite get the mix of used stuff, new stuff and not very good content they are trying to put out. Some of their posts are ridiculously bad. Is this just a financial thing? If so I’m fine with that, get someone in the boat that is able to make some things happen, like more organised rides, even more reviews, travel and so on. Btw, why is nothing on the bike exchange website about this merger? They should be exited as hell getting you on board.

    • Mickey McMook

      Clearly BikeExchange is providing capital for CyclingTips; the so-called “merger” is really a takeover by Oz vulture capital funded Marketplacer.Com. CT is a trojan horse for US market entry by BikeExchange. As for Rogers, he is not well respected in US cycling circles
      and is regularly slammed on Twitter.

      • BikeExchange already exists in the US, so we’re not really doing anything secretive here! As for Neal, we wouldn’t be working with him if he didn’t have our respect over years of knowing his work. Also, Neal’s responsibilities extend far beyond writing and journalism. He’s as professional as they come. I look forward to changing your mind!

      • JJ

        Merry Christmas to you too…

    • Hi Simplicityofjoy, let me see if I can answer your questions. Marketplaces and e-commerce businesses now realise that having good content will attract a much loyal customer base than just paying for google ads. BikeExchange has been putting out a lot of content this year, and I agree – it could be much better. That’s why we’re working together. Creating great content isn’t about just hiring a bunch of people to create it. There’s a lot of love and passion involved, and that’s where we come in. W

      With regards to BikeExchange’s announcement on their site, you can see it here (we announced it at the same time): https://www.bikeexchange.com.au/dbimages/news/fn_large/1576/medium/BE-CT-BlogHero.jpg

      Hopefully this answers everything!

  • Faz

    That explains the change in logo for Bike Exchange recently. I thought it looked to be a little too closely aligned with CT.

  • echidna_sg

    You have delivered through change before so I’m sure you can do it again…. just don’t let the yanks dilute your “aussiness” (please!!)

  • Nath

    I find Velonews and cyclingnews to be examples of all that is wrong with online media. Their reporting is little more click bait and the product reviews are no more than paid advertorials. I think their editors let the concept of journalistic principles die a quick and painlesss death some years ago. On the rare occasion I visit these sites I feel a little dirty. That said, don’t judge Neal and James too harshly until you see their efforts here. Most reporters write to the style and standard required of them by their editor, not necessarily to their own preference. I really hope Cyclingtips maintains the same niche it occupies now in terms of in-depth articles, limited advertising and limited click bait, and I am sure the new staffing additions will rise to the standards expected by Wade.

    • MattF

      Nath, what’s achieved by rubbishing other cycling-based websites? I’m quite capable of making my own judgements, as I’m sure all readers are. As for the ‘Angry Asian, I for one think he’s priceless. A great addition.

      • philipmcvey

        James Huang has written literally hundreds of articles for CyclingNews so Nath’s opinion of that site is relevant in my mind. For what it’s worth I’ve always liked Huang’s reviews – there’s a man who really knows and loves cycling… and gets a lot of product scoops, which is probably the biggest competitive edge a site can have over a magazine.

      • Nath

        The comment was in response to several others that expressed dismay at the appointment of James and Neal. There is an obvious connection between those people and the sites they have written for. I did not ‘rubbish’ other sites, I merely expressed a strong negative opinion on those sites – one which, as you rightly point out, no other person on this little blue planet is obliged to agree with. However, in your knee jerk reaction to the first part of my comment, you missed the entire point, which was one of support for the writers in question. Look beyond your own bias before jumping in eh?

    • Thanks Nath! The reason that people of the calibre of Neal and James have come over are because we share the same vision for what media should be, and what cycling fans are being deprived of. I’m glad you see us as being different than the other media out there and we have no intentions on changing direction.

  • D

    One of my favourite quotes comes to mind when reading all the “concerned about change” comments:
    “If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.”
    Good luck CT Team and keep evolving!

    • Nitro

      “Evolve or die” is the way of the world these days.

      Or to put it another way – the dinosaurs weren’t very good at managing change… and how did that work out for them…?

      Personally I’m very excited to see what’s next, and I have an exceptionally high degree of confidence that Wade knows that the secret of this site is the “personal factor” in the way that articles are presented and that he’s well aware that if this turns “too corporate”, readership numbers would plummet.

      Onward and upward !

  • Lyrebird_Cycles

    Congrats and best wishes for the future.

    To the naysayers; even if phase 2 were to be half as good as phase 1 it would still make it the best cycling specific site on the web.

  • Simon

    I’ve just googled Bike Exchange to see who and what they are. Mmmm, I’m not sure about this. I’ll watch with interest…..

    • Laurens

      I knew them already but what strikes me as odd is that this news is nowhere to be found on their site!

      • Scott
        • Laurens

          Yeah, I also received an email from them. They were just a few hours later than CyclingTips to break the news.

          • I was up at 5am getting ready for my ride and had some time to kill :-)

            • Nitro

              Its not on Strava – or at least not under an account mortal man can see – so it clearly didn’t happen :)

    • Annie.

      That’s exactly what I did. And I even found out they have a German page (I had never heard of them before).

  • Collo

    Congratulations Wade, I admire your passion, energy and commitment. It’s obvious you live, breathe and sleep the wonderful world of cycling. Hope the merger delivers everything you want from it and we in turn benefit as well. Great to see CT go to the next level.

  • Daniel

    Congratulations to the whole team. Like many commenting on here, I reacted with immediate scepticism to this move, but i suspect that this is more a reflection of my view of cycling media as a whole and how far ahead of the game Cycling Tips is. I have been following your website for a couple of years now and, through that two years of quality, well written content, I have come to instinctively trust your website. I’m therefore sure that you have put a lot of thought into this and that it must therefore be a great move. Look forward to seeing what comes of it!

    • Thanks Daniel! I talk say all I want about this merger being for the better, but let me prove it to you in 2016. Good times ahead!

  • Dbmurray

    Excellent work CT!

  • Flash

    Wade, its all the future, so well done on trying to find a viable ($) way forward.
    Good luck, I look forward to CT being around for many yrs to come.
    You have eluded along the way about finding a viable financial model for the future.
    And I imagine it is incredibly hard to find a way to make money out of running CT.
    So CT I say, guys (and gals) go hard and prosper.

  • Ron

    Congrats! Onwards and upwards!

  • James Huang

    Thanks for all the feedback, everyone. It was a big decision for me, too, and I have no intention of squandering the good faith and trust CyclingTips has rightfully earned over the years. BR and CN have been good to me but CT’s editorial philosophy is much more in keeping with what I want to do these days.

    Believe me, I want just as much as anyone for CT to retain its identity! It’s what attracted me to make this move in the first place and if anyone has a vested interest in maintaining that ethos, it’s me.

    Regardless, I’m extremely open to criticism and feedback and look forward to doing everything I can to keep this flame burning bright.

    • MattF

      You’re a very worthy addition to the team James. Good luck to you. I’m a big fan of the internal cam skewer too :). I am disappointed at how many custom wheel builders still supply those other shockers.

    • AdamA

      James, you are my favourite reviewer for your strong but well argued opinions. In my view the wider editorial standards at CN have been slipping over the years so I’m glad you are heading to a site that is moving forwards.

      • James Huang

        Wow, thanks! I’ll definitely do everything I can to not let you – or any other CT reader, past, present, or future – down.

        • Teezy

          I concur with AdamA on all points and would add that you are easily one of the most engaging tech journalists on the web. Always a pleasure to read an honest opinion from an experienced standpoint and the wry (and subtle) humour should remain. Keep up the fantastic work and good luck in the new venture.

          Wade, nice one ; )

  • mmb

    Good luck with the transition Wade! Until this morning I’ve not thought of CT as a business, always as the best source of cycling content. I hope you can continue to be both and do them well and also that the Australian specific content isn’t reduced.

    • With this expansion, we’ll be able to get more local with content, not more general. We’ll be able to geo-target content to the specific countries who will be interested and be even more relevant.

  • Lorne

    Great news. Good to hear hard work paying off and dream chasing continues with enthusiasm passion and vigour. I look forward to continuing my daily digest of CyclingTips long into the future. Congrats.

  • A

    Hi Wade, I am interested in your reasoning as to why partnering with BikeExchange will enhance your (and their) value? From my perspective I can’t see it, but I am sure you have given it deep thought.

    • Good questions that I probably could have explained better. I could write many pages about this, but I’ll keep it brief:

      1. We want to work with BikeExchange because they have a grand vision for what they want to do with marketplaces and have a solid business model behind them. They also have very good resources that will help us get better, and move into new markets.

      2. We can help BikeExchange drive interest to their site and have product integration features in our content that still allows for editorial independence and authenticity (we have lots of great ideas around this that we’ll implement in time).

      Unfortunately the entire business model for publishers is under threat, and merging with BikeExchange not only adds enormous benefits for both businesses, but it also changes our business model which will allow us to survive.

      • Tim Rowe

        Solid business model? Uhhh… have you not noticed stores completely abandoned the site, or spoken to store owners to get their feedback on the new percentage-based fee structure?

        The reason Carsales Network worked was that they ensured they had dealers onboard – private sales were what people wanted, but dealer sales made up the volume. BEX used to have a product where any individual could find anything they’re looking for, and in a competitive marketplace. Now? Not even close.

      • A

        Thanks for the reply and I am sure you have done your due diligence.

        It is unfortunate how difficult it is for publishers like yourself to secure a fair piece of the huge value that you create.

        • A

          Oh and good luck!

        • Thanks! I’m glad our work is appreciated! Many people think that because content is free to consume, it’s free to create.

  • JP

    Congratulations! You are a true entrepreneur and it is inspiring to see what you have built up over the years!
    Given that you will still be at the helm I am encouraged that the vision and culture of cycling tips II will remain true to the “old” cycling tips.

  • Trevor Sivies

    Congrats to Wade and the CT team. Advancement should always be seen as a positive thing. Looking forward to 2012 with the new Cycling Tips!

    • Sean

      Me too, 2012 will be a cracker of a year!

      • Trevor Sivies

        Damn….2016 it should’ve read!

  • Travis

    Will Matt W keep his spot and do reviews etc? I hope so.

    • James Huang

      So do I!

    • Most definitely! To reiterate, nothing is changing. We’re simply adding to the good work that the team already does.

  • Damn good stuff. Evolution is a great thing. Keep up the good work crew.

  • Good on you guys for seeing ahead and actively not being another cycling website in 2016. Top work.

  • Paul Wright

    Congratulations, am sure CyclingTips will continue to go form strength the strength. Already pretty much my ‘go-to’ site for all things cycling and feel you’ve internationalised well and keep the dialogue going through the off-season with engaging content. Good luck and looking forward to the journey ahead.

  • VK

    Well done Wade. I am glad to see how mixing business with play works for you! Stay passionate and don’t ever let that fire go out.

  • Mick

    CyclingTips has been the staple for all my cycling news. With (mostly) non-biased reporting, cool travel stories and minimal native advertising, I hope it continues this way. Please don’t end up like bicycling dot com where 99% of the content is “native advertising” or click-through lists; you’ve got a great thing going here.

    Bike Exchange is awesome in it’s own right, I’m just worried that partnering with them may lead to heavy advertising masquerading as journalism.

    Either way, well done, congratulations, you’ve been doing a great job all these years, and I hope to continue following CT in years to come.

    • Everyone is well aware that if this place turns into a product promotional outlet, then it all falls over. We’ve discussed this at length and everyone understands that the editorial integrity cannot be compromised.

  • some1s_lucky

    This is interesting. As an online shopper to make sure I can compare prices I occasionally veer onto bike exchange. I can say I’ve never purchased anything from there as the site is only currently useful for local market research, but if we had access to the states side of BE things and postage that might change.
    I would be interested to hear the stats of on clicking from CT to BE in the future and also see the stats of enquiries or purchases after that click. To me it doesn’t quite feel right, BE is just a collection point for retailers to avoid having personal websit’s and put them all on the same high street, just like car dealerships with a sprinkling of used cars in the mix. The true competition is the Facebook pages where new bike deals are being advertised and people are able to sell their used items and keep all the proceeds in their pockets.
    Media may be changing and I congratulate you for taking the steps needed in order to survive and I’m interested to see how this plays out but keep an open mind as I suspect this partnership may not have the legs.

  • Damien Cook

    Change always makes us worry, just a bit. Wade I am sure you will manage it with style and substance. In this quickly moving ‘digital news’ era to stand still could well mean death..and we don’t want that.
    BUT. Always a but. I think the Aussieness of CT is vital. No matter where it is read around the world. We have our distinct vocab and idiom to loose or dilute this would be a detriment to CTs continued success.
    Ella has needed an Aussie prod from time to time using terms that are foreign to us…even though we understand.
    Perhaps an Australianification editor so CT does not become ‘international’ and loose that little bit of ‘us’
    Wade, exciting times for you and your team, well done on the present and upwards and onwards in the future.

    • velocite

      That ‘Aussieness’ is an interesting issue. I like it that CT is an Australian site, and I’m disappointed when occasionally some team news leaves out an obvious aussie reference, but what about Americans? Australian actors in Hollywood must adopt American accents. If the CT American initiative is successful then the real C of G will be there, not here, so what works there will dictate style – won’t it?

      One quite fascinating aspect: not many businesses allow comments on their corporate strategy. That’s very CT I think. I like it – whatever irrelevant thoughts I might have about the strategy.

      • Damien Cook

        Why should our culture always be subservient? We can cope with British/European & USA sites ok. Americans might have to join the world outside their own patch. CT can be now be universal but with an OZ flavour.

        • velocite

          Yeah, well I vote for that. But you must have noticed the rapacious nature of US Culture Damien! But..maybe the Aussie/Canadian flavour may be a winner.

          • dsd74

            I’m all for adding a Canadian flavour (notice the “our” in flavour and not “or”…), but i may be biased.

            You know a site is good when someone who literally lives on the other end of the world would rather read Australian-centric articles rather than those about things south of the order in the US.

            Good job guys!

            • dsd74

              Border, not order…

  • James

    Hire Cosmo!

    • velocite


      • Larry @CycleItalia

        Good luck with your new venture! Figure out how to bring back COSMO!!

    • chris


    • I would love that if he didn’t already have a good job that he enjoys! But I did meet with him in Colorado a couple weeks ago and we’re talking about how we can get his videos back up and running.

  • AMK

    Does Cyclingtips Japan still exist?

    • We shut it down unfortunately. We had all the readers we could handle, but advertisers would not get on board and we couldn’t see anything changing there. Another reason why relying on a different business model is a good move for us here.

  • AC

    Well done Wade! I know both Jason and Sam from BikeEx and they are great guys of integrity with a passion for the sport. I think the cultures will work very well. See you on the Road and merry Christmas.

  • I too found this news quite strange, however as a long time reader, I’m sure you have put a lot of thought into the change Wade and wouldn’t make it unless you felt it necessary and a good fit. All the best in the future. Catch up on the road soon, Merry christmas to you and the family.

  • David Williams

    Great job Wade. I still remember stumbling across the first or second episode of The Bike Lane, which lead me to CT. Somehow the content on CT made road cycling look appealing and it prompted me to give road cycling a shot after spending ~12 odd years on mountain bikes (AM/DH). Three years on and I’ve gone through 3 road bikes, built up a huge collection of kits and developed an unhealthy addiction to sock doping. I’ve never looked back since.

  • Who knew you could make a job from the internet.

    Best wishes for 2016 and beyond.


    • Sean

      I’ve never had a job that didn’t revolve around the Internet and i’m almost 40. Andy, it would probably be harder to make a go of a traditional bike shop these days.

      • JJ

        Fyxo always makes me laugh, and think as well occasionally.

        There’s one guy I hope (selfishly) never uses the words “we’ve partered with..”.

  • De Mac

    Wade, as long as the ‘vibe’ remains the same as you’ve managed thus far, it’ll be great – congratulations on getting ‘picked-up’ and all the best of luck for this new (ad)venture!

  • Angelo Giangregorio

    Congratulations Wade to you and to the staff, old and new. Keep up with the good (sometimes exceptional) work.

  • ed

    who bought who? remember what happened to wayne & garth when they sold their show to the sleezy tv execs.

  • Jake (Aus)

    Congrats Wade and crew, this has been the best cycling-related content site I’ve found and consistently so for a long time. I’ve no doubt it will continue to be the case:)

  • rosscado

    Best of luck with the merger, Wade. I hope that CyclingTips with retain the great journalistic qualities that have set it apart from other cycling publications, and that this expansion will bring its quality to even more readers.

  • So what does this mean for Matt Wikstrom? Or have I got that wrong?

  • Jimbob

    I hope it all works out. I do use bex to find local stockists. I also bought my now old but still best bike from it. CT gets better every year. Keep it up and I look forward to seeing james and neals contribution.

  • Ragtag

    Glad to know of your success and wish Cycling Tips the best for future.

  • Pinkie Boadicea, PhD

    I don’t know much of either of these sites since I’m reading from Japan, but I’m always wary of mergers. I’ve never seen them benefit the end user, no matter what people promise.

    Don’t lose your way.

  • VerticallyCompliant

    Cyclingtips is at its best when Wade is excited and motivated and being the innovator. Moving forward will help achieve this.
    While shocked at first with chosen business partners this will still have the CT team steering the ship.
    To maintain such amazing content I welcome the change, just as it couldn’t stay purely ‘tips’ and diaries about Wade’s cycling holidays.

    Good luck.

  • Paul M

    Congrats! In my book, anything that helps you continue to grow and deliver quality cycling information is good by me.

  • Dom

    Please see Huangism http://www.velominati.com/the-lexicon/. In all seriousness congrats on the success, lets hope the content stays the same in its tone and style in portraying the ‘beauty of cycling’ rather than trying to flog me some bullshit SIS protein supplement GCN style (admittedly some of their content isn’t too bad). Good luck for the next year hopefully it go’s well.

  • Patrick Smith

    Interesting development, really pleased to see you guys evolve CT rather than rest on your laurels.

  • jon

    This is so exciting!

  • Ronin

    Bloody hell, they use the word “bike”. As part of deal, you should have required them to change their name to “Cycle Exchange”.

    That’s all I have to say. Good luck, Wade! I’m off to do what I love most in life, sporting my new Rapha kit, following the Rules like a Boss!, on my new racing cycle, out the door to cycle like a true cycling aesthete. Ciao!

  • Michael

    Good luck with this move CT’s. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, but I’m feeling nervous for you. It is to early for all the back slapping though.

  • Damien

    Hope there will be still time for friday sickie rides

  • David Bonnett

    Kudos to Wade and the CT team – I think you have a qualitative difference in the way you approach covering the cycling industry and riders and hope that your new “partner” respects the value of it.
    Having been through many mergers and partnerships in the high-tech field, this brings to mind Ham and Eggs: The chicken is involved but the pig is committed – who is the chicken and who is the pig here?

    • David Bonnett

      PS: Bring back Cosmo!

    • Thanks for the kind words David. The ham and eggs analogy is a good one. In short, CyclingTips is certainly committed, but I don’t see why that’s any different on BikeExchange’s side. We’re coming under BikeExchange’s business and there is lots that both of us will be doing for each other that doesn’t necessarily overlap.

  • Cameron Harris

    It’s interesting that you’re annoucing a merger, but Bike Exchange are announcing a partnership. I’ll be supporting CT either way, and I appreciate that it’s your business, but I’m still curious about what the arrangement actually is.

    • thatguy

      It certainly feels like an acquisition but maybe I just think this because bex (marketplacer) just raised $10M and now they need to work out how to spend it.

  • ryder

    121 comments and not one of them from Jules??
    Can somebody check in with him to see how he’s taken the news?

    • jules


      • ryder

        Whoa! If only you were that fast on the bike!!
        I feel like I’ve just shone the bat symbol over Gotham city…

        • jules

          if I were that fast on the bike I wouldn’t be able to sit online all day :)

  • jules

    congrats Wade and the CT team. like others I’ve watched you build CT into a formidable blog/website and manage its growth adeptly. I get a degree of satisfaction observing passionate cyclists successfully build sustainable careers around a passion I share too. it’s a sign of how the cycling community has grown, here and abroad. I hope I’m not out of line speculating that an element of this move seems obviously commercial in nature. to those who are cynical about that, you need to think about how all that content is delivered to your device/computer. it doesn’t magically appear. hard work, passion, imagination and talent deserve to be rewarded. your judgment has proven pretty sound over the past few years. I’m quite certain there have been hiccups, but overwhelmingly CT has forged strongly ahead. all the best – I hope and believe this will be a success.

  • It’s been such a joy to see you grow from humble blog once hacked by your wife, to what it is now. I know your intentions are good and despite what others may think – you have your heart in the right place. In the words of Taylor Swift – you are not the opinion of those who do not know you. May the force be with you Wade ;-)

  • Wagga boy

    Wade. Great news. Been a pleasure watching CT grow the last few years. I remember meeting you in Switzerland a few years ago and you bailing from our (everybody look away) mtb bike trip each day to update the website on your way to the TDF. I’ve no doubt your vision will keep CT powering along realizing many of your dreams for how you’d like the site to evolve.

  • Congrats Wade! Good luck with the exciting new expansion :)

  • Deryck Walker

    Wade, the cycling community is greater as a direct result of what you have created at cyclingtips over the years. No one can take away from just how significant your contribution has been to our beautiful sport, despite your persistent modesty on the subject. I was always blown away at just how broad of a vision you have been able to cultivate after starting with such a simple idea of giving tips.

    There is no doubt that we as cyclists are all better off, and better informed (and entertained) as a result of what you have created.

    Reality is that things change, sometimes for the better, sometimes the worse. Similarly, some people (such as your readers) embrace change, whilst others seem to let cynicism and negativity envelop them.

    Personally I am excited for the change, and hope it allows you the opportunity to explore more unchartered waters.

    All the best.

  • Well done Wade, it’s been 7 months since and you guys have not dropped the ball at all, to those who felt “disappointed” I am sure you are still reading and not feeling disappointed at all.

    • Just going back and reading all these comments a year later Clive. I genuinely feel like we’ve done a good job with these changes. Thanks for the kind words! I doubt you’ll read my reply here, but all the best to you!


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