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  • Dave

    Drawing on your bank guarantee because you couldn’t get your riders to avoid biting the hand that feeds them?

    Sounds like this team deserves to go the way of the dodo.

    • Gordon

      While I sort of agree if you apply the same scenario to a workplace it is pretty hard to “stop the natives complaining”. I am not an employer but see it first hand when then is no need for it and in fact it is often the other way around.

  • Neil

    Come on. What did Rolland say about Colnago?

    • Arfy

      According to The Inner Ring, “Rolland asked them for wind tunnel sessions for the TT bike but they didn’t do this for him.”

      • Kieran Degan

        Haha. Last years Tour TT he was 7 minutes down. I’m sure refining his position and shape of the bike in a wind tunnel will turn that around.

        • Arfy

          It will be interesting to see if he improves his TT on Cannondale next year. He’s running out of years to prove himself though.

  • Simon

    I think the horse in the Arcalis vid at 9:06 got the KOM.

  • Luca

    “When I arrive at the final, I’m completely fucked.”

    Someone put this on a t-shirt please

    • oakie

      Agreed – me and Benna are obviously made of the same stuff. Only difference is that my ‘final’ is the end of the ride to work…


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