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September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
  • Nitro

    “Katusha general manager Viatcheslav Ekimov says he is open to potentially having Paolini back, despite the damage the rider has done to the team’s reputation”…

    Wasn’t there an article here a few days back with someone from Katusha saying their team had a brand / image problem…?


    • jules

      indeed there was. it’s just that they are seeking to address it by shifting the public perception, not how they do business.

  • martin

    Oh the comments on the Herald Sun article. I know I shouldn’t even go there but it’s hard not to look…

    • Rookie.

      • martin

        Poor form I know. I’ve learned my lesson.

      • Gordon

        I’m off work crook and need a laugh. I’m going there now……ought to kill some time and can’t make me feel any worse

    • ceedee

      Like a car crash.

    • Yeah, I looked & instantly regretted it.

    • Andy B

      I couldn’t help myself :(

    • Gavin Adkins

      I did like the conspiracy theory that it is actually cyclists laying the tacks so they don’t have to use the bike lane.

      • Laurens

        Not a conspiracy at all. I let myself be hit by cars so their insurance premiums go up and they eventually have to ride bikes!

  • Doc

    I don’t really see a plausible ‘excuse’ for Luca. Eg. I tripped and fell into a pile of blow.

    On the other hand, it was hardly performance enhancing substance use. If anything it shows he might have a recreational drug addiction. Katusha could be applauded if they helped him treat his problem instead of perhaps pushing him further down the hole.

    • Kieran Degan

      I’ve heard people mention it could be an indication of the use of a blood bag, having used coke around the time he took the blood. Don’t know if this is just conspiracy.

    • RayG

      I don’t think cocaine has been ruled out as a PED, that’s why it’s still banned (and tested for) in competition, but not banned out of competition.

    • Abdu

      Paolini should be instantly reinstated for the sole reason he is a fcking stud.

      That photo of him texting while mid race is another.

      World sport needs Gingers too, Geelong FC can’t do it all..

  • Mark

    I think the website’s been hacked. There is always an interesting video on the main page, but when I go to click on it it turns into an insurance ad.??

    • Assange

      It was China!

  • jon

    If V. Putin can make a claim on Turkey and its oil source, Paolini should be allowed to snort as much cocaine as he likes.

  • velocite

    I’m very impressed by Nathan Haas’s gym routine – especially the box jumps. I’ve seen videos of Anna Meares and Shane Perkins doing these sorts of things, but didn’t know road pros were into that stuff. Commonplace, is it?

    • 42x16ss

      No it’s not, Haas has a very different routine to the vast majority of road pros. A lot more time in the gym and less time out on the road.
      Seems to work for him though.

    • Grego

      I’m super unimpressed. His form is terrible. Speed should never be the main thing when using weights. Half squats, or whatever those are, put a huge amount of stress on the knees. Please don’t use this cyclist’s routine as an example; get someone to help you with proper lifting form instead.

      • velocite

        You’re obviously an expert Grego and I’m definitely not. But as 42x16ss says, ‘Seems to work for him though’.

        I fiddle about in the gym, but there’s been just one aspect of my routine that’s been working, in the sense of increasing the weight I can push, and I believe that’s the combination of the leg press, and riding to and from the gym over 15 hilly kms on a heavy old bike with a lowest gear of 40 x 24 – for me it’s like doing more leg presses!

  • velocite

    Re the sugary water and performance gains item, I didn’t pay the $20 they wanted for access to the scientific article but I did read the title of it and the Guardian article, and I think the Guardian headline was misleading. Both sucrose and glucose were effective in replenishing liver glycogen, but ‘cyclists found exercise easier – and their gut felt better – when they ingested sucrose rather than glucose’. Not quite the same as performance gains.

    I notice the label of my usual gel, Endura, says ‘contains no sucrose’. No idea why they would think that was a claim worth making. It doesn’t give me gut problems so I’m OK with whatever they do put in it.

    • sket

      If you would like to read the manuscript, email the authors directly and they will likely provide you with a reprint

  • ed

    great cover image – so many other places than france to ride a bike and also the image from the tour of dubai or oman – look at those poor sods that have been dropped

    • ZigaK

      It’s the same road that was on the cover last week.


      It’s an old military road from ww1. It goes from Bovec (500 m above sea level) to Mangart (2000 m.a.s.l.). It’s a dead end road so there’s little traffic. The gradient is pretty steady, except for the part where a recent landslide took out part of the old road and it was rebuilt with the gradients reaching 20%. One of the best climbing roads in Slovenia.


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September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017