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  • Daniel

    The article on disc brakes pretty much nails it. My thoughts exactly.

    • Tim Ashton

      +1. My rim brakes work fine. The only accidents I have had on the bike were because I’m an idiot, or someone near me was an idiot, not because of lack of brake performance.

    • Geoff

      The funny thing is that if you replace “disk brake” in the article with integrated seat post, thru axle, any bottom bracket standard that starts with BB, 11 cog cassette, electric gears etc – it still makes perfect sense

    • Dave

      My commiserations at your unfortunate situation of having a man pointing a gun at your head and threatening to shoot if you don’t buy a disc brake bike. You should try distracting him by shouting “look, a squirrel” and taking his gun away.

      • Geoff

        So, Dave, how do you like that disc brake bike you just bought?

        • Dave

          I don’t have one yet, I’m waiting for standards to be finalised because I’m not an early adopter.

          Based on test rides (not marketing hype) though, I will certainly be going with discs on my next bike.

          • tobyshingleton

            Standard has been finalised by the UCI… 12mm e-thru – 160mm rotor.

            • Dave

              I’ll see how that evolves over the course of 2016 before upgrading.

              • tobyshingleton

                Let me clarify that… this is what the UCI has stated will be the standard for road races.

                • Dave

                  And given I’m not going to be entering UCI-classified road races, that’s why I’ll be waiting before upgrading my road bike.

                  No such issues with the flat bar hybrid I use for normal cycling though, that simply uses MTB standard brakes.

                  • Strydz

                    Why would you consider it upgrading by moving to a disc brake road bike, is you’re current roadie no good?

    • Bex

      was that your response when they moved from down tube shifters? are you still riding a bike made out of cast iron? just because it’s not a huge advancement doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. sure someone’s going to make money off it, but that’s how life works, the sooner you come to terms with that the more enjoyable life will become.

      • Andy B

        The shift is inevitable

        In ten years time everyone will be on discs and wondering how we got by without them ;)

        • Geoff

          Once the production volumes are up there, the prices will come down. Whether there is a justification for a total shift away from rim brakes, I don’t know.
          For a lot of us, there is no need to be an early adopter. I see the biggest benefit of disc brakes for commuting: my commuter gets used a lot more in the wet and sometimes even to ride through water. On top of that it would be great to move away from rims being consumable items – replacing a brake rotor is a much simpler task than rebuilding a wheel.
          For my weekend bike I see less need for disc brakes. It probably has at least another 5 years’ life, so I won’t be moving to discs there anytime soon. My commuter also has at least another 20000 to 30000km of life until it will need replacing, so no discs there in the immediate future either.

          • Dave

            The wet weather advantage is also one for the pros, who have to ride even when the weather is shite.

            • Strydz

              I doubt it will help the Pro’s in the wet, if they think they can push it harder thanks to running discs then they will thus taking away any advantage that discs give them in the wet. They push the limits

        • MushieG

          I have a mtb with discs which i love, but on the road I dont really have any issues braking, and if I do its usually the tyre/road friction that is the problem. I find it annoying that I have these nice Zipp wheels that I saved up for that I wont be able to use if I upgrade my bike.

          • Dave

            The advantage of disc brakes for road bikes is not in increasing the stopping power. As you rightly point out, it is already possible to skid the rear wheel or do a front endo with properly set up rim brakes.

            The advantages of disc brakes are in that they work in wet weather (more something for the pros, not those of us who can roll over and go back to sleep if we want), they allow better control, they won’t wear out rims or heat them up.

            • Andy B

              Modulation with discs vs rim brakes is worlds apart

        • Strydz

          No way Andy! You kids might be on disc in 10 years time whilst I’ll be riding around on top shelf components that people are flogging of cheap thanks to them buying into discs. Currently doing that thanks to all these folk moving onto Electronic/11 speed stuff and me buying the 10 speed mechanical stuff super cheap :)

  • Michele

    Funny how marketing works.

    Whenever I read the words Segafredo, I immediately think of Senna and his helmet.

    • Andy B

      Not a bad memory to have!

  • Arfy

    That bike sim looks pretty awesome, I’m just concerned what happens when you crash – does it throw you over the bars?!

  • Cycling iQ

    Thanks CT for the LTdL article link. Definitely not for the TL;DR crowd, but enjoyable to research. Will be interested to see who Ciclista gets as title sponsor.

    • Our pleasure. Keep up the great work!

      • tobyshingleton

        @cyclingIQ is one of the real gems of the cycling media. A reliable source of info for insiders and outsiders…

        Can’t recommend it enough.

  • RayG

    I remember pros complaining about index shifting because they thought the audible click would alert everyone to their attacks.Some people will complain about anything new. Me included, but disc brakes aren’t new to me.

  • Andy B

    Where is Jules today?

    The comment section isn’t quite the same

  • Cynic

    I can’t believe no one is talking about the comments from Cookson, they are hardly impressive.

    Stating that racing the Worlds in Qatar is “not impossible” (with the recent racing in 45+ degree temperatures and sand storms) and waffling on about extreme weather protocols being enacted…whatever they are? Who was the guy ‘doing the interview’ (can’t really say it was a journo, just a guy taping an interview with really soft questions and no research about what Cookson was talking about? Cookson just waffled on without any fear of being called up for his bullshit. He could have been from some glossy Aussie advertisement/bike magazine, it was so pedestrian and was just all such weak questions.

    Why would the UCI admit it will be racing “at the high side of the range”, then think that is safe? A ridiculous risk, surely.

    What exactly are those extreme weather protocols? Stop racing? Doubt it. The Arabs wouldn’t get what they paid for. So, what do your extreme weather protocols mean? Well?

    Be honest. Cookson, Gaudry and the rest of the UCI took the oil money, and are willing to take the punt on rider safety.

    They are all just as willing to ignore the human rights abuses going on there, and can’t even talk about the fact that not one local person in that country even rides a bike.

    FIFA did it, why shouldn’t the UCI?

    Oh wait..

    • Strydz

      How is Cookson or Gaudry to blame for it? Cookson wasn’t the UCI president in 2012 when the Worlds was awarded to Qatar so you can blame McQuaid and his puppet master Verbruggen for it. Also if I remember correctly Qatar were basically the only country bidding to hold the event as Norway was interested but dropped out mid year leaving Qatar as the only ones interested

      • Cynic

        Fair point that he was not UCI President when they awarded the Worlds, but he was President of the UCI Road Commission and has been on the Management Committee since 2009 (as Tracey Gaudrey is now).

        Are you saying he’s not responsible now for anything because he is CEO? Did he just appear from the clouds, or is the Worlds chosen by the CEO only? He just sits and let’s it all happen I guess.

        BTW when he talks about ‘extreme weather protocols’ all I can think of is shortening the race at the last minute (remember the debacle in the snow of the MSR?) or holding the race at night. Surely any journo worth his salt would pick this up?

        I can’t recall one word from Tracey Gaudrey about all these issues though. Subservient bike mags will never ask a curly question i guess.


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