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  • Ron

    Who loves short shorts, Kitten loves short shorts

    • Ron


      • Jessy Vee

        Can we call him Kitten from now on? :D

    • MadBlack

      Any shorter and it’d be hot pants!

  • Liam O’Dea

    Sprinters cassette in the Etixx vid at 0:33?

    • Nitro

      That’s the one Jens used to use every day of the TdF…

  • Roger That

    I’m pretty sure that bears aren’t permitted to start bike races under UCI regulations, but if this is a trend – as seen in the anime video – I for one am happy to embrace it.

  • Arfy

    Wow, my 8-year-old is on Ritalin to help with his ASD, but he takes it to help him keep calm and under control. So he should really have a TUE to compete in any ASADA-affiliated sports like cycling, cricket, and footy?

  • Nitro

    Awesome news that Geelong and the Cadel road race have secured Cav…
    Will be interesting to see how he does with the hills though – having ridden round those roads many times I can tell you that they’re a whole load steeper than they appeared on tv…

    • I’d be very surprised if he’s there to contest the finish.

  • Paolo

    Is that a Specialized with a 59cm size sticker on it in the Kittel video?

    • Andy B

      Nice spotting, it should seem so

  • Nitro

    Cool headline photo today by the way – though I know for a fact that wasn’t taken anytime in the last few days – record rainfall up there right now means everyone’s likely on Zwift !

    • De Mac

      Not just the Welsh – again, Victorian weather throws a curveball, so Zwift it was!


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