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September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
September 18, 2017
September 17, 2017
  • Simon

    So a trackstand is not ok at a stop sign? Possibly police showing their “evenhandedness” while patrolling the boulie for the tack thrower as a miscreant cyclist rolls through a stop sign. Tenez le droit.

    • Dave

      I suspect the actual offence was “being a dickhead and attracting the attention of the police.”

      It would be interesting to hear the other side of the story.

      • Chris

        What makes you suspect Mitch was being a dickhead?

        • Dave

          That he police were interested enough to pull him over for a triviality. That’s not normal behaviour in my experience, you have to do something to attract their attention to make that happen.

          • Michele

            Several years ago I pulled over by the police because I had 2 rego stickers on my car – one expired and the other current.
            It was an offence at the time – we don’t even have rego stickers now. It cost me over $200.

            The policeman had been following me approx. 4 kms before he pulled me over. I asked him how he could possibly see that I had 2 regos on my front windscreen from such a vantage point.

            He told me he had seen it at the local deli, and rather than book me ASAP, he “decided to follow me for several kms, in case I ended up committing any other offence”.

            It’s not always the citizen who is a “dickhead”.

          • Chris

            That’s not even slightly evidence for being a dickhead. This is a person you’re talking about, you know.

        • Neil

          Ignore the troll

      • Cynic

        Just from experience, the dickhead is more likely to be the cop. Well, from fact really.

      • MadBlack

        A mate got done for track standing and creeping across the white line
        whilst doing so without attracting any prior attention. If the cops
        have to meet their quota they simply don’t care who they book and
        whatever the reason as long as its money in the bank.

    • geoff.tewierik

      I’ll clip out at a stop sign when a driver has to open their door and put their foot on the ground.

      Until then, track standing is what I’ll continue to do.

      • winkybiker

        Came to say that (although I don’t trackstand – I roll through after ensuring it is safe, same as everyone). Here in Canada, no one, not drivers nor cyclists EVER stop at stop signs. Well less than 0.01% of the time, anyway, unless to actually avoid an imminent collision. I look for it at the stop signs I have encountered over 7 years of daily commuting through about a dozen stop signs each way. I witness a driver voluntarily stop about once a year. Strangely though, everyone I talk to claims that they do indeed stop at stop signs. What are the odds that the people I meet and the people I see driving should behave so differently?

  • Nitro

    Love the story about Wiggins…

    Gives me a whole new angle / excuse on my Weight:Power ratio… “I’m simply bulking up for when I switch my focus to the track”…

    All I need now is a track bike…

    • Gordon

      Heck I can put on that weight and not even be bothered with an excuse. It is called being lazy, older and half ar@ed.

      Nitro I do like the fact that you are planning to use it and can I suggest you even say “it is with my mechanic being tweaked to handle the increased power” or simply “I am in the process of an upgrade…..damn those distributers”.

  • Arfy

    Can’t find ANY reference in the road rules to cyclists needing to put a foot down at a Stop sign. RR67 covers stopping at a stop sign at an intersection, while the Traffic Infringements schedule makes no mention of it either. What exactly was the infringement for?

    • Dave

      The text of the rule is not everything, there is also the possibility of the rule having been interpreted by a judge in a superior court and a precedent being established.

      But we also don’t know the full story from both sides.

      • Arfy

        Fully agree on needing both sides, in my experience it’s also about how you treat authority – if you come off arrogant and rebellious you’ll get the book thrown at you, if you’re polite and courteous you’ll often get away with a warning.

        • Dave

          Fully agree. The last thing you want to do is make it worth their putting in an effort to get you for something, because they’ll always find something if they want it.

          • Chris

            It seems, if Mitch being booked solely for not putting a foot down is true, they didn’t need to find something, as that’s not mentioned in law. They just got him regardless.

            I’m not in Melbourne at the moment, but are the police tasked with ticketing cyclists at the moment? AKA a blitz? If so, ticketing is what they have to do.

            • Dave

              We don’t know if he was fined though, just that he was pulled over.

              I also can’t be arsed looking for any case law which establishes a precedent for the meaning of ‘stop’ as used in the Australian Road Rules.

        • Chris

          What book would be thrown at you, exactly? If the law isn’t enforced as written down, we might another saying.

          • Arfy

            Well my road bike doesn’t have reflectors on the wheels, nor a warning bell. So I’d rather be nice than give the opportunity to book me.

            • Nitro

              Hah – I have the same thought every time I see a police car on Beach Road…

              Have often wondered what stops an over enthusiastic policeman setting up a roadblock on a Saturday morning and (with the absolutely backing of the law) giving tickets to hundreds if not thousands of us…

              • Dave

                I have always though that the light/reflector/bell rules with their relatively cheap fines would be the best way of dealing with bunch rides that are failing to self-regulate, but before it gets properly out of hand or escalates to more serious road offences.

                • R

                  Escalates to what? >45km/h over the speed limit? Armed robbery?

          • Dave

            There is more than one ‘book’ that makes up the road rules. Just because you can’t find a definition of ‘stop’ from a cursory search through the Australian Road Rules doesn’t mean it is not defined elsewhere in other Acts or Regulations (both of which override Rules) or in case law.

            • Chris

              Alright then – I bet you can’t find it no matter where you look. Go ahead. It’s not there. Prove me wrong.

              • Nick Squillari

                Russell’s Teapot at its finest here.

  • Peter

    Signor Brumotti has some mad skillz.

  • Ben Pilot

    Speliing Police pull over – Manila not Manilla Vanilla

  • Michele

    I believe Lance when he says he was clean in 2009-2010. He said so whilst under oath. It’s not like he’s ever lied under oath before.
    Whittle and Armstrong make a good pair.

    • Arfy

      Didn’t Armstrong sue The Times some years ago, then The Times counter-sued after the truth came out? Is this the next chapter of “kiss-and-make-up” so they can both get some money out of it?

      • Michele

        There’s a bit of that.

        Not a fan of Jeremy Whittle. Not sure if you’ve read Bad Blood, but basically it was 200 pages of:

        “I’m a jaded ex-cycling journalist. I’ve seen riders on the dope. I’ve got evidence. Heck, I’ve even be in the company of a rider who has a syringe on his person. I’m not naming names though. Not in my book. But I’ve seen it all. The peloton and omerta is disgusting, yada, yada, yada.”

        Yep, Whittle was happy to make a buck out of doping, without throwing a single person under the bus.

        • Dave

          “Yep, Whittle was happy to make a buck out of doping, without throwing a single person under the bus.”

          That’s an elite group I wouldn’t want to join, because I would have to hang out with Juicy Jonathan Vaughters and Dopey Dave Millar,

  • Paolo

    There was a story from a track world cup in Melb a few years ago where Shane Sutton was pulled over by police while riding his bike without a helmet on the road. He asked the police men to show him the paragraph of the relevant law where it is saying that he needs to wear a helmet. They couldn’t and had to let him go. So the story goes. Anyway, if i would get pulled over for not clipping out i would follow the Shane Sutton book.

    • Dave

      That sounds like a recipe for getting a trip to court and your bike impounded as evidence.

      Police officers in Australia are not obliged to carry around copies of legislation with them.

  • Anto, NZ

    So these “trials riders”, do they all compete on YouTube or something? Do they just upload videos and YouTube declares a winner at the end of the year? Its a cool looking sport, but how do you find coverage of actual competitions?

  • Is it just me or is reducing teams from 9 to 8 gonna do very little for the race and riders? And is the selling of the benefits covering up a stronger reason which is to save teams money?

    Happy to hear otherwise….


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September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
September 18, 2017
September 17, 2017