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September 26, 2017
September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
  • Nitro

    Today’s photo is just crying out for a caption competition.

    Just a shame my mind has gone blank and I have to run to a meeting…

    Anyone brave enough to give me a starter ?

    • Kieran Degan

      Gee these disc brakes really can work in any conditions.

    • “Are you sure we were following the lead Moto?”

    • Andy

      “Hey look, Bears really do sh!t in the woods”
      “Ya what now?”

    • Peter

      ” I tol’ ya we shoulda brought our Fat Bikes!”

    • sket

      I can see a sign, the day spa is this way!

    • Gordon

      Drillium is so 70’s. Much better weight saving with the 2016 “half a wheel”.

    • Nitro

      “Are you sure this is on the training plan for the 2016 Worlds in Qatar?”

      “Yeah – absolutely – physio says ice baths after every training ride”

    • Gordon

      Thanks Nitro for bringing out the wannabe comedian in us all.
      This is my way of thumbs up.
      Thanks to CT for tolerating the juvenile behavior.

      • Nitro

        CT tolerates the juvenile behaviour by not blocking my account !

        • You guys are lucky I forgot my password to moderate juvenile comments!


    • David Seaton

      “Are you sure the coffee shop is this way?”

    • ed

      Team BMC still looking for Campbell Flakemore who has taken his bike and gone home – is that a bit mean?

    • #whereisjules?

      CT readers searching for Jules who has been MIA since the Tour of Bright

  • Peter

    I ride that bike lane in Canberra every week.

    That turn left has a fairly short area for the truck to fit
    into, so the truck veered left so as to make the turn lane in time. But
    he clearly underestimated the speed of the rider and the length of his
    truck. His options were speed up and make the turn, or slow down
    drastically to wait for the cyclist. Most drivers elect to speed up if
    they have some momentum. Same for cyclists – we don’t want to slow down
    if we don’t have to, but safety should be the priority.

    The rider says he has incidents every week, I ride that section of road at least twice or three times a week and another 15-20km further through similar bike lanes and I’ve only have two or three incidents in the past three years – they were all in the congested city area of Civic.

    Does it have to do with my riding style? Not sure, I also clock up 30-35kph along that section and others. I think it was a bad split decision by the truck driver and well averted by the cyclist. It goes to show that as cyclists, we need to be vigilant and to have the skills and presence of mind to be able to read a situation and react quickly.

    • chop

      Peter, is that an ‘off the road’ type bike lane running alongside that road? Correct me if i’m wrong – this being an 80km zone, 3 lane road (and I’m not saying it’s the cyclist’s fault at all – clearly the truck passed too closely), i’m just wondering if a risk vs reward type scenario starts to take effect here…? Not trolling, just trying to gather some info. All in my humble opinion of course.

      • Peter

        Chop, Yep, it’s an “off the road” bike lane, and yes, it’s a much safer option for riding in that particular spot, but the “off the road” lane turns left just there and there is no “off the road” lane if you want to go straight ahead – only the “on-road” bike lane.

        You can opt to stop at the lights and cross to the right hand side of the road, ride over some grass and join an “off the road” lane going straight ahead on the RH side of the road, or you could ride on that particular lane from its beginning, so there are safer options.

        However, the “on the road” bike lane is also generally pretty safe – there is plenty of room – almost a full car width in some places – as you continue further along.

        Riding in Canberra is pretty safe generally, we have wide roads, heaps of dedicated bike paths and usually wide “on road” bike paths too.

        You make a good point, though. As cyclists, it is probably a good idea to ride on the safest path available.

        **BUT, riding on the “on road” bike paths is more fun ‘cos you can generally go a lot faster and you have no pedestrians to slow down for or on-coming cyclists either.

      • ed

        agree with you – risk v reward needs to be assessed. 530pm on a Friday afternoon – half of Canberra is driving out of the city for the weekend along that road and the truck driver juiced up on rip fuel needs to get to some logistics depot in western Sydney in 2 hours.
        should always try and take the safest path – even if its a bit longer. no point being on the right side of the law if you’re in a box.

    • kevin

      Shoulder checks yo! Going through those turn offs you have to be looking behind you as much, or more, as in front (nothings likely to jump out in front after all and if riding in traffic you must be able to ride a straight line)

      Truck was too close sure, but it didn’t appear the rider looked around nearly enough.

    • MOST Cyclists experience aggression DAILY ! That some are fortunate to be able to overlook Traffic Violence Incidents is down to THEIR perception of these incidents ?

      Even at 0630AM , the roads are UNFIT for purpose ! Look at the Dulwich Hill Team Ride recently , AND , the furore now ensuing after ” Bill Shorten ” was seen using his Mobile Phone ? Wasn’t he involved in a RTA , after spilling coffee , and he didn’t learn from that incident ?

      Guess he like other Vehicle operators think that ” Platitudes ” will ensure they do not lose POINTS from their Driver Permit/licence ? It should be DOUBLE loss , since HE SHOULD be leading by example ?

      As to TNT Trucks , the subject of the article , how many Traffic Violence Incidents do their drivers create Daily ? With their High Profile/visibility , do they have ANY internal monitoring of their Drivers ? Look at London Buses operated by TFL . Until recently , there was no ” Whistle Blower System ” available to their Drivers . Now they are able to report to the same Independent Org. that was created to cover the Rail System .

      With so many Transport Org.s setting the agenda for their drivers , YOU & I become that nuisance that DELAY ” Professional Drivers ” causing them to lose TIME ! FORGOTTEN is that WE are HUMAN BEINGS , Vulnerable Road Users ! WHO cares if a TRuck arrives LATE , or a BUS is behind schedule , THE OPERATOR !

      Shareholders are interested in their Dividend Returns , BUT , are they aware that there is BLOOD on their hands ? Of course there is NO Indication of the Human Cost in the Annual Reports , ” so thats alright then ” ?

      ” VisionZeroWorldWide ” has plenty of Placards that YOU can download to help YOU to remind YOUR Employers , Colleagues and Families , that YOU want to SURVIVE the current difficult road conditions .

      AS to Bill Shorten , YES , he should be held up as a figure of derision , Fined and Double Points applied ! He should ALSO be the subject of a ” Driver Safety/TAC Ad ” showing HIM explaining WHY he was WILLING to ACCEPT Responsibilty for his STUPIDITY !

  • Robert Merkel

    That interview with Graeme Brown is hilarious (even if it was seemingly transcribed on a smartphone keyboard).

    Brown on the key to successful sprints at Drapac:

    “They don’t question, Wippert started to question but I told him to shut up and follow, but I found with every sprinter that I’ve worked with if they stating making their own decisions then it starts going wrong,”

    • Paolo

      That’s why Wippert is riding World Tour now, thanks to shutting up when the big guru told him. If i would be an old pro who spend years at Rabobank, i would shut up myself and be happy to still have a job….

      • Dave

        I’m sure that Brown is quite selective about when he shuts up and when he speaks.

        For example, I’m sure the mutual friend in the medical industry that he shares with Froome, Wiggo, Porte and Gerrans is on the ‘shut up’ list.

  • Mark Blackwell

    Interesting analysis of the Froome issue by Swart, applying a technique of looking at TT placings to test the hypothesis that Froome’s performance improvements were due to weight loss.

    The analysis neglects two realities however:
    1) riders not gunning for the GC tend to treat TT’s as a quasi rest day, so Froome’s pre 2011 performance doesn’t necessarily reflect his potential and
    2) placings aren’t a good proxy for performance: many of the mid-pack riders are tightly clustered, with a smaller number of very fast and very slow times on either side.

  • Nitro

    I’ve always loved that Heinrich Haussler photo…

    Going so fast off the front that I don’t even need my chain anymore…

    • Laurens

      I noticed that but don’t know the story. Did his chain come off after the finish?

  • toneredd

    Good to see TNT do not give a shit about PR. Their trucks have automated tracking, so they will know who and what truck this was.Glad your alive, JUST.

  • Dave

    What is so bad about the Stölting Group that Cult Energy didn’t want to have their name next to them as co-sponsors?

    Are they the Danish equivalent of Orica or something?

    • Strydz

      Cult had problems paying the bills this year and I tend to believe Stölting when they say Cult were looking for a way to back out


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September 26, 2017
September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017