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July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017
July 22, 2017
  • Gavin Adkins

    A used syringe from some guy at the gym!?

    • Kieran Degan

      Best one I’ve heard. If he’s telling the truth he should be banned for being an idiot.

    • TV Time Tommy

      To all those kids with dogs that ate their homework – the bar just got raised a little higher.

  • Dave

    Tinkoff is not “bringing art back to cycling” – they’ve just slapped hi-vis patches on a bunch of leftover $pecialized-lululemon kit.

    • Superpilot

      They are to doing to cycling what the NRL is also doing, multiple kit designs to sell to the punters over a year. It’s good salesmanship. I’ve lost count of the tinkoff camo kits from this year I’ve seen around.

      • Dave

        Soccer, basketball, cricket and AFL (roughly in that order) were onto multiple kit designs years before the NRL followed along behind them.

        The Tinkoff camo kits are excellent and should be what they use in races.

        The normal hi-vis yellow kit is awful, but in the Vuelta it did prove useful for showing that hi-vis does not stop idiot drivers from hitting cyclists.

        • Cynic

          I’m guessing the EPL caught onto this about 15 years ago…?

          Would have thought 5 different Man U strips sell a bit more than any Tinkoff ones…

        • Gordon

          I heard a rumour that the camo kit was the preferred option but no-one could find them.

    • RayG

      I may not know much about art, but I know what I like. That isn’t it.

      • Arfy

        But it’s French “Dazzle Ship” art!

        • Dave

          Because the performance of the only Navy to be defeated by both the Axis and Allied powers in WWII is really something you want to associate yourself with.

    • Michele

      I reckon Sagan will be a little peeved.
      Even he’s decked out in this cr@p – no rainbows for him.
      Little wonder he is hiding out at the rear of the bunch.

      • Dave

        He’s the World/Slovakian Champion in the Road Race discipline, not the Off-Season Training Ride discipline!

  • donncha

    “Friends and family are moUrning…”

  • Mk

    It’s one of the stranger defences. What a tool.

    • Dave

      Could it possibly be good enough to knock Tyler Hamilton off the top of the cycling charts? Even if it does, it’s not quite good enough to challenge Ekaterina Thanou and Konstantinos Kenteris for the outright title they gained in relation to the motorcycle farce from the same Olympics where Hamilton got caught.

      The kid needs to get the full four year maximum ban for a first offence. Our sport doesn’t need him.

      • Michele

        Dave .. you read The Secret Race? TH explained – quite well – the strategy of putting 2nd twin out there. Was never his defence – Hamilton never said his second twin was the reason why he tested positive. He just wondered – out loud – after being informed by scientists that vanishing twins make it possible for someone to have 2 blood types in their body.

        Quote from the Denver Post [before The Secret Race came out]:

        I [the journalist] asked him about it [the vanishing twin] Thursday and he said he didn’t believe it, either.

        “That wasn’t my idea,” Hamilton said. “That was something that came up from the scientists, the doctors. It was one way to have a second blood type in your blood. And the press just went off on that. It was just one possibility. I didn’t know. I never blood doped with anyone else. That’s the other thing. I blood doped a lot but I didn’t take anyone else’s blood. Whether it was a bad test or whether or not it was messed up, I don’t know.”

  • Sean parker

    Phew, after watching Macaskill’s video I am so pleased he managed to avoid cutting his legs off on his disc brakes.

    I can’t believe the UCI allow him to ride with these Spinning Blades of Death attached to his bike.

    • dubonb1ke

      Amazing skills in that video and whole lot better than the recent drop n roll video.

      • Sean parker

        I literally soiled myself watching it. luckily I wore my brown corduroys to work today.

    • Nitro

      Love the last “trick” in the video.

      Just as I was sitting here thinking “All very impressive, but these trick videos are getting a bit same same”, they throw in a unexpected ending…

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  • Laurens

    An anagram of Danny MacAskill is “any mad skill can”. Just saying.

  • Marc

    That MacAskill video was disgraceful. I admire his skills but he surely could have showed them somewhere else. This was trespassing, invading someones else’s privacy and they made it look like it was a cool thing to do. He had no right to be there, ride there and potentially damage somebody’s property even if that meant they tiniest scratch.

    • Sean parker

      Hey marc, you’re completely right. It is disgraceful.
      i doubt if he practiced any of this time and time again. I bet he just woke up hopped on his bike and started riding over people’s property.

      Still, I wonder what they thought of their weber baby-q’s being pushed out of the way to make room for those massive ramps being installed? or the unobtrusive film crew setting up, taking light measurements, checking sun angles and taking multiple takes and angles of his totally unplanned and unrehearsed jumps.

      I doubt if any repainting was done of the town, either, and it always that it is always bright and pastel coloured with no washing, rubbish, sleeping cats or people around.

      Amazing and so rude of him.

      • Marc

        That’s not the point. Even if he had permission of every single property owner, the thing is that he gave the impression he did not. As the statement of the guy on the radio at the end is showing quite clearly. Worse, he gives the impression that this is a cool thing to do, setting a bad example for all the wannabe kids out there.

        • Michele

          So after watching that video, you’re more concerned with wanna-be kids out there deciding they want to be cool by trespassing?

          If anything, I’d be more concerned with wanna-be kids out their trying to emulate these stunts – regardless of whether done in their own backyard, or on someone else’s property.

          • Marc

            Yes I am Michele. It sends out the message that you can do anything you like for your own amusement without regarding other people.

            • Michele

              No offense Marc .. that might be the message you get from watching that video.

            • muz

              Sheez dude, take a chill pill.

              If that doesn’t work, perhaps you could write to Danny and ask him to change his ways…

        • Sean parker

          It is cool. Which is why he makes so much money out of it.

          I reckon that kids, like us, might be able to separate the artifice of the video from the reality.

          • dsd74

            apparently you should have said :”I reckon that kids, unlike us,…” :)

    • Sean

      It might be time you got yourself a life. Nice story.

  • Simon

    5.49 on those scales? Remove all those spacers and you’d get 5.4.


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July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 23, 2017
July 22, 2017