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  • Sean parker

    CT, I’d like to refer you to your own rules on bike photography.

    I note, in the Brumotti video, several breaches of the criteria.

    1. Non-slammed stem and (gasp) … a positive angled stem! …..is this amateur hour?
    2. seat set too low – making an unappealing aesthetic expression out of balance with the high ‘sit up and beg’ bars.
    3. Flat pedals… (my eyes are hurting so much i don’t think I can write any more)… where are the Officially Sanctioned Keo Blades????
    4. Non-campagnolo groupset. Speaks for itself, really.
    5. Bidon and cage. Seriously? That bidon mars totally the flowing aesthetic of the frame and is totally inappropriate.
    6. leg warmers and bare arms. Ok he has a full sleeve of tattoos but this is a serious breach of Cyclosartorialism.
    7. Beard. WTF? Did Anquetil have a beard? Did hinault? No. Is brumotti a Bushranger? Is he riding a harley davidson. No. So don’t photograph him.

    Please fix these grave errors of bike and rider set-up. I don’t see how that rider made it onto this site looking like that. If he must set his bike up this way please pixelate it or provide a content warning.

    I expect better from the CT team.

    • Sean

      Same rules should apply yeah?

      Photography: the process or art of producing images of objects on sensitized surfaces by the chemical action of light or of other forms of radiant energy, as x-rays, gamma rays, or cosmic rays.

      Video: Moving images stored as a sequence of static images (called “frames”) representing snapshots of the scene, taken at regularly spaced time intervals, e.g 50 frames per second.

      • Sean parker

        Exactly. It is simply not acceptable.

        If this continues I’ll be forced to go back to bikeradar and their toyota pop-ups and over-adjectivised MTB reviews.

        (Cool net handle, by the way.)

    • We generously relax all rules if you can do what Brumotti does!

      • Sean parker

        fair enough. I DO suspect that underneath those legwarmers is a legbeard. Just so you know.

  • Robert Merkel

    Brumotti doesn’t look like he’s got quite the right steed for his climbing style. Maybe one of these would work better:

  • Scott

    If Oleg leaves the sport who will sponsor Brumotti and his crazy movies?

    • Scott

      Thereabouts 3 and Brumotti crossover opportunity??

    • Paolo

      The perfect end to the movie would have been Sagan waiting on top with his bike looking bored and checking his watch.

  • Chamac’h

    Frank Zappa created the musical bike some years ago : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9P2V0_p6vE

  • awesometown

    Does anyone know what the symbol on the front of the katusha kit is supposed to be? Some sort of very stylized k?


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