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  • hmm

    Errr, no Adam Hansen story inclusion in the main body?

    • retract

      Oops missed it in the Griepel story!

  • Dave

    “If ASO decided to pay out half of its profits instead, teams would collect …”
    But can we expect the teams to be covering half the losses for the other events run by ASO which would not be viable without being cross-subsidised by the profits from the Tour de France?
    The biggest thing the teams can do to improve their fortunes is get their own houses in order and stop doping, not beg for handouts!

    “… teams reliant on the platform offered by the Tour de France to attract their sponsorship.”
    What should not be overlooked when considering this side of things is the free kick the teams get by being allowed to advertise for sponsors who are in competition with the race’s own sponsors. This is something which simply doesn’t exist in many of the proper professional sports where the teams get paid out of the central pot (i.e. from TV and league/event sponsors) but have the obligation to look after the league/event sponsor which looks after them.

  • Michele

    Okay … re: Paolini, or any other cyclists that struggle with sleep…

    I’m sure all of us can relate to needing some form of “relaxer” after a big day on the bike. This fatigue comes part and parcel with a demanding event like a Grand Tour.

    Forgetting about whether a drug is banned or not, is there much difference between taking a sleeping pill to help in recovering and ‘getting back to normal”, then it would be to use a testosterone patch to get one’s levels “back to a normal, non-fatigued” level?

    Say a rider’s HcT is usually 43, but by the end of the second week, it’s down to 38. Taking some EPO to get it back to 43 .. is that any different from taking a sleeping pill?

    I’m just playing devil’s advocate here. Not necessarily suggesting that EPO = Sleeping Pill. Just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are.

    • velocite

      Perhaps the relevant distinction is performance enhancement. A lack of sleep may in some cases affect performance, so indirectly a sleeping pill could affect performance, but the effect of EPO on performance is direct, that’s the only reason for a cyclist to use it.

    • David Tuttle

      Inability to sleep is a symptom of over training, among other things. But any dependantcy on a drug usually will require more.

  • Thesaurus


  • Craig

    CT you just get better and better every day with such a great variety of stories – loved the bakery bunch and the Spanish vids today, with so much negative press everywhere you look, I choose to read this more then the online news – which personally I think is the cause of the seemingly increase in depression.
    thanks again, you help me every day


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