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  • Dan

    For anyone out there interested, Lance Armstrong is on Joe Rogans podcast #737 today.
    Probably the most candid 2 hour interview you will get from him.

    • Thanks for the heads up Dan. I just added that in.

    • CC

      Man, I forgot how charismatic Lance is – dammit. Good link.

  • Simon

    Nice trip down memory lane with the Ras footage. The Russians were too strong… indeed! A young John Tanner too. He went on to having a long successful career in the UK.

  • But I want to know if Dan Martin is leaving.

    • jules

      He really wants to leave it seems!

  • Neil

    The story about Rogers leaves more questions than answers….

    • velocite

      You are right. But ‘congenital’ and ‘progressing’ sound sad. Best wishes to him, terrific rider.

      • Neil

        True. It’s in circumstances like this that the whole history of doping in cycling just makes such a mess of things. If Rogers heart problems are congenital and present from birth, people like me cast suspicion on him unfairly, and we don’t just reflect on the sadness of the situation as you’ve mentioned. If he has doped and this has contributed to the heart problem being exacerbated, it is equally sad. No winners.

    • SLH

      doesn’t raise any questions at all. bicuspid aortic valves are a congenital condition he was born with. no questions there.

  • velocite

    Isn’t Simon Clark joining Cannondale? Worth a mention?

  • velocite

    Russell Mockridge was killed when a bus drove across his path and then ran over him. It was the Tour of Gippsland in 1958. Good thing the Costa Rican taxi didn’t kill anyone.

  • That Amsterdam video guy with the potato down his pants for when he gets hungry has still got me in stitches.

    • velocite

      That was a seriously funny (?!) video. A bit Monty Python, but more like Ronnie Barker in the Frost Report. There are probably about three people who visit this site who remember that. Informative, too: is that universal, if the bike motif is upside down you’re going the wrong way?

  • Arfy

    I just want to know who paved that road in the feature image? Wow!

    • SantoMoreno

      Gotthard Pass street towards Airolo, Switzerland…the street is beautiful, but I prefer to ride it up!

      • ed

        yeah top of the gottard via the tremola – an epic climb.


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