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  • donncha

    Best followup tweet on Froome becoming a Dad was along the lines of (said in jest)
    “If you were interested in full transparency you would have told us the weight” ;-)

    • Eileen Austin

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  • donncha

    Best followup tweet on Froome becoming a Dad was along the lines of (said in jest)
    “If you were interested in full transparency you would have told us the weight” ;-)

  • velocite

    I agree, compelling is the word for the Armstrong podcast. He certainly hasn’t turned into a shadow. Engaging directly and insightfully with his issues. Comments about his family were particularly poignant, easy to identify with. Sad note for me was the golf: that seems to me like a very constrained activity for this man.

  • JasonM

    Looks like the Trek boys have had abbs Photoshopped on.

    • Spider

      Imagine that in the photo editing booth – now please add massive abs….but don’t worry about the chest and arms, don’t touch those!

      • Dave

        It’s a little less blatant than the old HTC-Highroad method of printing them on the jerseys.

        If the photos were ‘shopped, I can’t imagine that Cancellara would be happy as they’ve left him looking like he’s had an early start on the Christmas pudding.

  • jon

    Pro peloton sponsorship contract almost means nothing; over the years, you hear many stories about sponsors’ abrupt exodus. On a separate note, I’ve always wanted to meet Dr. Emma Pooley; what an inspiration! PhD and a pro cyclist.

    • velocite

      Yep, cyclists with significant other dimensions impress me too – whether it’s Adam Hansen with his custom shoes etc, or Dr Kimberly Wells, Australian Criterium Champion.

      • Dave

        Being a national “criterium champion” would suggest that Wells has impressive financial negotiation skills in addition to being able to ride a bike and diagnose a cold.

        That title needs to be dropped if Australian cycling is to grow up and join the top table.

        • Michele

          Nice trolling …


          The current national criterium champion balances her cycling with commitments as a doctor at a Canberra hospital.

          Working in the emergency department, Dr Wells is no stranger to trauma on the roads and said she would be a proud advocate for the Amy Gillett foundation in their road safety campaign.

          • Dave

            Oh yes, I know she’s a legit doc.

            My point was more about the farce of having a national criterium championship for all the Euros to laugh at. Proper cycling countries only hand out national jerseys for proper races.

            It marks Australia as either a non-cycling nation where the sport is yet to grow up, or worse still as an established sport being white-anted by ‘every child gets a prize’ spreading to the elite level.


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