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  • Gavin Adkins

    Great to see some track racing as the lead news item!

  • Simon

    Sub titles would help for the Mick Murphy vid. :)

  • Neil_Robinson

    i watched the RAS video. then i watched it with “english subtitles”. while i was none the wiser to what he was saying, it was reassuring that youtube had NFI either.

  • Mo


    Where is that twisty road in the picture?

    • Hawks Nest Road in New York State. We always put the location of the image (when we know it!) at the bottom of the Daily News. :)

      • Mo

        Did not noticed that before. Thank you!

  • Phillip Mercer

    I thought Sagan had to either wear team shorts or all white shorts or has there been a relaxation? Don’t get me wrong, I prefer black shorts…


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