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  • sps12321

    Should riders have a responsibility to look into the future of a team they are signing for or should the team have a responsibility to riders to only start signing once they have a definite spot in the peloton with a financial future?
    Maybe the UCI should start licensing process earlier eg in August when teams start signing riders. They could do the financial analysis and make a verdict on whether teams meet that criteria. If they don’t they can’t start signing riders until they do.
    it is unacceptable for a contract with these riders to not be honoured. The riders are “vulnerable” since there are limited number of contracts so some safe guards need to be put in place to protect them

  • Bushy Conrad

    The annoying factor is that the guy involved is a total Walter Mitty, although I have to be careful in case the WMA (Walter Mitty Association) sue me for defamation.


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