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  • jules

    wow that sucks but congrats to Ben for winning on Sunday

  • Pete

    Another example of the dodgy nature of pro cycling.

  • RomanTheCube

    Really unfortunate situation. I feel for those affected.

    • Dave

      The riders and staff will hopefully have learned an important life lesson about doing due diligence, just like Robbie McEwen did when he went all in with the Pegasus fiasco.

  • Josh

    Why is there a middle man handling all the sponsor money? Is this a norm for pro cycling?

    • 900Aero

      In cycling and life, there is always a middle man. Sounds like a quiet season for the cyclists and busy one for the lawyers.

    • Dave

      I would not be surprised if there were other quite a few other teams – even at WorldTour level – which have PR agencies handling their sponsorship portfolio instead of handling it in house. Those which effortlessly announce new sponsors at the same time as announcing an existing agreement finishing would be the ones most likely to have this sort of arrangement happening.

      Teams owned by former riders typically (but not always) have a weak back office, so I can easily see the attraction of outsourcing what is essentially an ugly B2B sales operation to people who know what they are doing. Just do some proper due diligence first and get it insured properly.

  • pedr09

    Typo in para 12 Shane, “loose” should be “lose”. Feel free to delete this after fixing.

    • Shane Stokes


  • pedr09

    Love how Mills describes the situation as “highly annoying”. If I’d placed my career in the team for the next few years, I’d be a bit more than highly annoyed…


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