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  • Simon

    I could have been negative about this but your article is evenhanded and says it better than I could. I don’t have much interest in ultra marathon efforts of any persuasion but if he loves riding his bike then who cares? I’m wondering if his first name was an omen for such things and that chainring! Anyway I wish him well, hope he recovers and repairs his relationships because they are the key to a happy life on and off the bike.

    • Hamish Moffatt

      Why be negative about ultra? It’s a bloody hard thing to aim for.

      • Sean parker

        They Rule 5 the f*&k out of their riding whilst ignoring the ‘tan lines’ and ‘sock length’ rules.

        Have a look at the dude’s bike. No wonder the cognoscenti are spluttering SoyCap all over their Assos.

  • Lyrebird_Cycles

    Probably worth mentioning that Kurt Searvogel is still going and looks like taking the record on 10 / 1 / 2016. See: http://www.outsideonline.com/2039276/hello-i-must-be-going

  • kasual

    Collapsed lung and cycling, I’ve been there. Rest up, Miles. There are many rides to come but rushing back to the saddle after a pneumothorax could only make it worse.

  • Tom Thayer

    Can we talk about that chain ring though?

    • philipmcvey

      That was discussed at great length in the original article when Miles started the attempt. It works for him, doesn’t work for most of the rest of us. It looks totally counterintuitive to me, but have I ever ridden 400km in a single day, let alone 48 in a row? Nope.

      • Superpilot

        Yes, it is obvious it works just fine. As in almost 50,000km since April kind of fine…

      • Sammy

        whats the story with the chainring? I’m intrigued!!

        • philipmcvey

          Not to put too fine a point on it… it’s frigging enormous! I think it’s 72 tooth or something. He reckons low cadence, high gearing works for him. Have a look at the image – it’s like something you’d see on an old lawnmower. It looks horrible, and sounds like it’s route one to massive knee pain. Apparently not.. his route is largely flat so he doesn’t need any climbing gears – or so the original article went.

  • Karina

    Can we get an interview with his partner…?

    • philipmcvey

      Something tells me she’d be less than enthusiastic about accepting an interview with a cycling website.

  • Mark

    Huge respect Miles. It’s right out there.

  • philipmcvey

    When this attempt started I posted that I couldn’t understand why Miles was doing this with no larger purpose of a cause of charity to raise money for. Oddly, I can see now that after a valiant but doomed attempt he doesn’t need a cause. It’s his time, his relationships, his health. He’s not harming anyone other than those close to him, and he gave it a fantastic go. Who knows what drives anyone to do anything? As per his father’s comment – what drives so many of us to give up a third of our useful lives sitting at a desk doing things which are – on the whole – not massively important to humanity. It’s strangely inspiring that you don’t need a reason as such. Chapeau Miles, you put yourself out there regardless of the risk.

  • Sean parker

    So refreshing to read after the recent fixation on Froome’s ‘did he or didn’t he’ and ‘look at our new team kit’.

    Cycling is more that that, as Craig Fry shows in this article.

    • chop

      totally agree. There’s no hastags attached to this guy, and he’s less concerned about being ‘on point’ or having a ‘strong kit game’; rather he just loves riding and hence set himself a big hairy audacious goal that he unfortunately didn’t knock off. But, one hellovan effort all the same. Koodoze to you Miles.


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