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November 18, 2017
November 17, 2017
November 16, 2017
  • Andy B

    Reminds me of the T-4a shuttle from Star Wars

    • Haha! We were literally just talking about that fact and whether we should include that comparison in the article. We figured it was better to mention in the comments … and you got in first! ;)

  • cam

    I hope they have improved a lot since their earlier smart trainers… i have a very expensive bike stand in a tacx fortius that had no end off issues with either the motor or power unit, and when replacing either of those parts costs the same as just buying a trainer that will just work the choice is pretty easy.

  • _kw

    I guess pricey is relative. When you compare it to a Wahoo Kickr as the same trainer segment, the difference is not that much and the question between the two ends up whether noise and technology is enough to justify the additional benefits. Compared to the cheaper options, both are expensive but those cheaper options have other drawbacks, too.

  • Gavin Adkins

    It’s not based on anything rational, or even a particularly bad experience, but my impression of Tacx as a brand has always been one of entry to mid-range level gear of average quality. It seems weird (to me) to see that brand on a hyper-expensive bleeding edge trainer.

  • Zwift-obsessed rider checking in…. and still spitting coffee at the screen at the price tag. You’re looking at very near twice the price of the Kickr here in AU, which comes with a cassette and amazingly good global customer support from Wahoo. The Neo needs to be bullet proof when tearing your bike (warranty) apart with sprints, amazingly accurate when it comes to power, and far exceed the customer support experience of Wahoo.

    • Nitro

      Not-quite-as-Zwift-obsessed rider (i.e. Havent made it to Level 20 – yet) checking in, and also nearly falling off my chair when it comes to the price…

      I know cycling’s a “How much money do you need to spend? How much do you have?” kind of sport, but that’s just plain ridiculous…

      Throw in a cassette, an antenna and a power meter if you don’t have one and want to do it properly and you’re in needing-to-sell-a-lung territory…

      • pedr09

        I bought a Kurt Kinetic Rock n Roll a while back, specifically for the ‘natural’ rolling motion of riding and I hated it. Bought a solid ‘set in concrete’ trainer instead. Much better.

      • MavicMoto

        Those R&R features are very friendly to your poor carbon frame. They reduce to torque forces applied to that part of your bike.

      • MountainK1ng

        Why would you need to buy an additional power meter? It has one built in, as well as speed and cadence sensors.

  • Simon Jost

    It may be worth mentioning that the price difference is as small as 100€ here in Germany. Not sure about other countries, but I’m guessing this will apply for most of Europe as well.

    • De Mac


    • Papuass

      Tacx and Elite trainers are smart choices for Europeans, as they are relatively cheaper than devices made outside EU.

  • De Mac

    I reckon you’ve hit the nail on the head Matt – for $2,500 you can buy a Kickr AND a Spec Allez, or other similar rig to mount on the trainer permanently, or a Kickr and a hefty amount towards a nice set of race wheels… Their pricing position is interesting to say the least.

  • Maizon FC

    No disc brakes compatible? Expensive crap

  • alexvalentine

    The only benefit over a kickr is a slight reduction in noise, it doesn’t justify the price differential especially considering Wahoo’s really good customer service.

    • Pat

      the NEO has 2200Watt resistance and is able to simulate 25% gradients, Kickr is 1500W and 15%. Thats why you but a Proshe and not a Hyandai.

      • Peter

        What’s a Proshe? and why would you but one?

      • Robert Merkel

        I’m sure that’ll be handy for Shane Perkins and possibly Marcel Kittel.

        The rest of us, though?

      • alexvalentine

        The additional resistance and gradient is of no benefit to 99% of cyclists. You are just paying for a little bit less noise.

  • Superpilot

    The downhill drive might help Zwift racers to get PR’s and KOM’s virtually as they don’t have resistance downhill, but I thought the major time vs effort benefit of riding a trainer was that you never got a break, you are always riding against some resistance. Plus the silence benefits would be ruined from a noisy freewheel in my house. Plus $2500 omg.

  • Jimbob

    Late pedantic comment but the motor is an electric motor not an electromagnetic motor.

  • Val

    Has anyone been able to try one of these over the (northern hemisphere) winter? What is your long-term impression?

  • Nicolai Nikolai

    Nt enought resistance. 25% slope for 75kg , 6 km/h – must be 300 watt resistanse , actually only 138 from tacx training app. So realistic slope only 12%.
    Power meter also has big latency, so realistic is very bad – in Ergo mode very big deviations; flywheel effect bad, especially at low speed and big slope.


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November 18, 2017
November 17, 2017
November 16, 2017