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  • Missing the rather important “get an annual flu vaccination” step. Will have a much bigger impact on your chances of getting actual flu than anything else.

    • winkybiker

      Yep. I had to sit and listen to earnest advice one mother was giving others (including my wife) that she was having great success with homeopathic “immune boosters” instead of flu vaccinations. I bit my tongue so hard it bled.

  • Jim Crumpler

    I have a weird observation from change in diet (sample size, one).. I went from high-carb to high-fat low-carb and I don’t seem to get colds any more – at all.. but I still seem to get a flu once every few years.

  • winkybiker

    Do you have any evidence that taking extra vitamins makes any difference? I understand that the need for supplementary vitamins (with a few rare exceptions for individual circumstances) in an already balanced diet has been largely debunked.

  • Annie.

    I had just read your article and thought: “I’m so lucky this year: No flue, no cold so far!” – A day later, however, I was in deep trouble: After a bad week of emotional tantrums a weekend of hard training sessions must have been to much for my body. So now I’ve got a cold, the fever has at least faded already, and so far, I’m quite patient and not working out at all, of course.


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