Tour de Pologne endorses UCI’s WorldTour reform

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Full details are yet to emerge from the UCI’s seminar on WorldTour reform, including a response from the AIOCC group of race organisers, but one of those running a top-level race has given a thumbs-up to the outcome.

“If teams, riders and organizers all work together, I think it’s the right way that will lead to a tangible renewal of the movement,” stated the Tour de Pologne’s general director Czeslaw Lang.

Lang was present at the talks in Barcelona and said he believes the result was a good one.

One of the measures introduced was the granting of three year licences to WorldTour races. That’s something that particularly appeals.

“We are very satisfied, particularly for the decision regarding the licenses, which it seems will already go into effect starting in 2017,” he stated.

“Becoming a part of the World Tour in 2005 has allowed the Tour de Pologne, and the entire Polish cycling movement, to grow under all aspects and take on a new dimension.

“Working on a three year term will guarantee more stability both to the teams as well as to us organizers, allowing us to make sound investments and develop more long lasting projects, engaging our partners with better guarantees.”

The UCI stated on Tuesday that a Professional Calendar Working Group will be formed with the goal of helping stakeholders to work together.

This will be administered by the UCI and will have two representatives each from the teams’ association AIGCP and the AIOCC. There will be one observer representing the riders.

That group will advise the UCI’s Professional Cycling Calendar on this area of the sport.

Last month the AIOCC voted strongly in favour of a motion rejecting the WorldTour reform, but the UCI has indicated that there is general acceptance of the latest draft.

CyclingTips contacted the AIOCC late yesterday in order to gauge its reaction to the seminar. Given it’s resistance last month, it appears important to verify it is now on board. Thus far, the group has not responded.

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