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  • Daniel

    Forget Astana, how the hell does Southeast continue to get a licence? It seems that every year they have a doping scandal or three, they wail about how it will ruin them, then they change names and repeat.

  • Larry @CycleItalia

    Makes one wonder just how awful your team must be to NOT be granted a license these days? I’m amazed that tiny Colnago can come up with the loot to sponsor ANY team in the days of the mega money handed out by the Big S, G, T along with other “brands” that are little more than a sticker on an Asian-made carbon fiber downtube.

    • Dave

      Much of the Colnago range is just stickers on Asian mass-produced frames.

      Their sponsorship of Europcar/Direct Energie is obviously quite a minor one, since the team appears to be preferring to leave the second naming rights slot vacant in hope of attracting another big ticket sponsor.

      • Larry @CycleItalia

        RE: Colnago, does anyone NOT know that, Dave? In any case, their production numbers are tiny compared to the Big Boyz, though I believe they still create (as does Trek) their top-line frames (like the C60) in-house.

        • Dave

          Unless they are doing something wrong, they should be selling enough China-go bikes with a healthy profit margin to make a good deal of cash.

          Obviously they don’t have the volume to justify big ticket naming rights deals like Trek or Cannondale do with WorldTeams, but they will still have plenty of profits to invest into lower-level sponsorships which could even be purely in-kind sponsorship without any cash transfers involved.

          • Larry @CycleItalia

            I hope they’re making some money, but let’s face it – how many bikes do you think they sell world-wide compared to the Big S or G? I’d wager their entire production for a year doesn’t equal what the Big S or G sells in ONE market (US, Australia, Europe, China, etc.)


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