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August 20, 2017
August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
  • Mike

    It’s my ball and you are not playing!

  • So 20 months of UNCERTAINTY for ALL Stakeholders ? Great way to go , for those that want this SPORT to become ” business like “!

    Every Multi National that i worked with had ANNUAL BUDGETS , and , 5 year & 10 year plans ! Adjustments to the Annual Budgets , meant lost weekends adjusting the 5 & 10 year plans ! Friday nights would be a nightmare , as these would be telexed , and , you could count on a reply awaiting on Saturday morning demanding Immediate Attention !

    Has UCI , confirmed the 18 Teams YET ? If so , are there reports of the Pro Conti Teams being confirmed ? Great way to run a BUSINESS ?

    Both UCI & ASO have better things to do , than have a Turf War !

    NO SPONSORS are going to miss that announcement by Tinkov , that HE , a committed Cyclist & Enthusiast ” WANTS OUT “! Oleg was reading the tea leaves ? NO , he didn’ t want to be part of the mess that is about to erupt !

    When both UCI & ASO , are BOTH dragging their heels about ” CYCLIST SAFETY ” , it is clear that they have NO INTEREST in US ! A few RACERS skittled , makes little difference , as there are so many others ,willing to step up the ladder !

    IF Christian & Brian want to have a spitting contest fine by me , BUT , the SPONSORS have plenty of other Options AND SPORTS to INVEST their Publicity Budgets !

    • Dave

      Your questions:

      – the WorldTeams and Pro Continental teams for 2016 were all confirmed a couple of weeks ago. Waiting until six weeks before the season starts is pretty amateur stuff from the UCI, even the ICC which has more than its fair share of management issues was able to confirm the teams for the 2015 World Cup a year and two weeks ahead of the tournament starting!

      – ASO does not have better things to do than regularly assess the best way to run their business, because they are a business!

      – it will only be a turf war if the UCI want it to be. The ASO races will happily continue as 1.HC and 2.HC races.

  • mark clements

    Put the Giro a bit earlier in the year then create a 21day tour of the USA when the TDF is meant to run, I dont care what country the peloton is in just as long as the best guys are racing. Plus imagine a prologue in NYC or las vegas.

    • Dave

      Err, no. Even the UCI isn’t dumb enough to try this.

      For a start, the UCI is just about broke so they would need to trawl around for somebody to pay for it.

      Second, the first moves in that direction would provoke the infinitely more agile ASO would quickly nail down all the first-string contenders they want so the establishment-backed WorldTour event would be a lacklustre second-string contest.

      Finally, shifting the Giro earlier is a non-starter for so many reasons – not the least of which would be that the UCI needs to avoid giving the organisers of the Giro and Classics any reason to switch allegiance from the WorldTour to the ASO alternative which you can bet will be coming.

  • Rob

    How can the Giro be shifted earlier, when remaining snow in the mountain stages is already an issue?


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August 20, 2017
August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017