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  • Larry @CycleItalia

    I find the danger arguments against disc brakes rather flimsy, but what I really dislike is the craven courtship of the bike industry. This quote “They’ll sell more stuff, obviously, but I don’t think we should be too dismissive of that. A healthy sport involves selling goods, manufacturers will then reinvest that money in the sport. If all of those manufacturers sell more stuff they’ll invest in the sport which means more people riding bikes and more bikes out there. This is not a bad thing.”pretty much sums up the idea that it’s a LOT more about business and making money than about SPORT. There’s more to life than buying ever more stuff.

  • Sean parker

    I’m baffled by the resistance to bicycle companies wanting to shift product. I take it that all these people squealing about it have welded up their own frames from steel billets lying around in their back yard.

    yes, whining about ‘The Man’ forcing you to buy a new disc braked bike at gunpoint whilst you parade around on your latest $7K cervelo, or whatever pro-chariot you bought last year, smacks of hypocrisy.

    But what would I know, my bike is nearly 10 years old and the reason I will eventually buy a disc braked bike (or at least a disc fork and front wheel) is because braking in the wet might start becoming a whole heap better.

  • velocite

    A voice of sanity. And it’s a very clever strategy, introducing discs and saying it’s a trial!

  • Aaron Heaysman

    The danger argument is rediculous, the disc is behind the rear stays like the casette, never had contact with either on my roadie or mtb. I like the idea of disc brakes, when riding my mtb down steep roads they help me stop much quicker and safer than I can on my much lighter road bike which struggles to stop on steep sections.


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