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  • Karl

    Great write up for an impressive adventure.

  • Anon N + 1

    “it[‘s] . . . more about the journey than the destination” Indeed.

  • David Bonnett

    Thanks for sharing this – I’m new to Australia and love the opportunity to get a better picture of the country through your eyes.

  • elbearo

    I have really enjoyed reading the updates on your cycling adventure – has certainly inspired me to give cycle touring a crack that is for sure!

  • Thanks for bringing us along for the ride Bec!

  • Simon

    Well done. I take gentle issue with your parents being crazy. (I’ve done a tour to Qld and like you found it hard at times. Nothing extreme though unlike those who ride around the world. Respect! ) What I find crazy is that most people never get out of their comfort zones and prefer a mobile home and 4wd to achieve their dream. Virtually anyone can ride a bike, the difference is that it only takes the will and moderate physical ability to do a tour. Your memories will last a lifetime just like your parent’s. Where are you off to next?

  • Doug

    Great I rode from Sydney to Brisbane I loved it especially seeing all the wildlife which we don’t have in NZ

  • ginga_ninja

    Love it! Thanks for sharing Bec! Sometimes it’s just nice to change pace and purpose. :)

  • JackTrevorrow

    It’s taken a few weeks but i’ve finally read your story about such a great journey. Really enjoyed it, and should inspire more touring from anyone who has stopped racing for whatever reason. Riding a bike is so enjoyable


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