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August 20, 2017
August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
  • Chris

    Oh – the only one other point I would add is I dry all my kits inside and out of the sun – helps keep them looking fresher and newer longer ;)

  • ceedee

    Good tip is not to hang your kit for long periods in direct light (winter is fine though). UV light is not great for Lycra.

  • Tom Galbraith

    A laundry bag for bib knicks and HRM strap is important to my mind. If I don’t put my bib knicks in a bag I tie the shoulder straps in a loose knot, after turning inside out.

    • jasjaz

      Agree on laundry bags… Did not note your post until after posting. :)

  • Simon

    I always wash my gear by hand never in a washing machine and only with plain velvet soap. It lasts for years this way but now it is out of fashion too. :-)

    • warnschild

      No, it’s not recommended anymore as a modern washing machine is said to do it’s job in a much more gentle way as handwashing does as to rubbing and so on.

      • steinmetz

        Very true.

  • warnschild

    Another reason against fabric softener and heavily scented detergents is that they tend to block the very characteristics of functional wear by kind of “locking up” the fibre. Often, they recommend “mild detergent” for washing your gear, and in my case, it was always enough. :)

    I always use laundry bags for gloves (separately), gilets and overshoes or waterproof socks etc. So no velcroed or rather rough fabric to mind.

    Also, I was told to wash everything zipped up and inside out, and it seems to prevent unneccessary wear quite well.

    I find the recommendation in the comments below very helpful to not hang the clothes to dry into the very summer sun (no problem over here right now though at -7° C right now ;-) ): I destroyed a brand new and bright Castelli jersey once that way.

  • Dave

    My strategy:
    – Modern front-loading washing machine, on delicates cycle.
    – Enzyme detergent.
    – Everything zipped up.
    – Laundry bag for bibs.
    – Dry outside in direct sunlight for a short time (kills bacteria) and then outside but in the shade for the rest.
    – Turn inside out before drying.

  • jasjaz

    I put all my kit in lingerie bags And dry out of direct sun.

    • John

      If you also stick gloves inside lingerie bags the velcro won’t trash the rest of your kit, and then you needn’t bother handwashing…

  • Simon T

    any local camping shop and I have been using this last year
    atsko sport wash


    • Spider

      agree. I used to use Penguin, that was fantastic – but no suppliers down here – now I use atsko.

      • Another option is http://nosweatlife.com/collections/no-sweat-detergent they are really good as well.

        • Spider

          Hi, this site used to be Australian based…so when they talk ‘local products’ they mean Down Under. You guys don’t ship to here! (now the site is more U.S focused so you may get some business through your self promotion)

  • Jordan

    All these tips are fine and dandy and yes letting your kit sit in direct sun can damage lycra them. A little UV on the chamois can be good though, kills bacteria.

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August 20, 2017
August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017